World Trade Organisation

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International Orgnisations in India

Importance of WTO in India

Conference Year Place
First 1996 Singapore
Second1998 Geneva
Third 1999 Seattle (USA)
Fourth 2001 Doha (Qatar)
Fifth 2003 Cancun (Mexico)
Sixth 2005 Hong Kong

Functions of WTO in India

  • To provide facilities for implementation, administration and operation of multilateral and bilateral agreements of the world trade.

  • To provide a platform to member countries to decide future strategies related to trade and tariff.

  • To administer the rules and processes related to dispute settlement.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) India

  • It was established in Dec 1966 on the recommendations of ECAFE (Economic Commission for Asia and Far East).

  • The aim of this bank is to accelerate economic and social development in Asia and Pacific region.

  • The head office of the bank is located in Manila, Philippines.

  • The ADB finances and gives technical assistance for development projects and programs; encourages public and private capital investment for development purposes and helps in coordinating development policies and plans of developing member-countries.

World Trade Organisation

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