Mughal Administration System :: List of Mughal Emperors

Mughal Administration in India

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  • The entire kingdom was divided into suba or pranta, suba into sarkar, sarkar into pargana and the pargana into villages.
  • Babar and Humayun had a Prime Minister known as Vakil. The office of Vakil, was, however, discontinued after Bairam Khan.
  • Wazir was the Prime Minister.
  • Dewan was the head of the revenue department.
  • Mir Bakshi : Military Department.
  • Khan – i – Saman : Royal household.
  • Qazi – ul – quzaf : Judicial Department. The qazis were helped by the muftis.
  • Sadr – us – Sadr : Charitable and religious endowments.
  • Mustaufi : Auditor – General.

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  • Amil : Judicial officer in civil and judicial disputes.
  • Quanungo : Head accountant.
  • Lambardar : Village headman.
  • Patwari : Village accountant.
  • During Akbar’s reign the empire was divided into 15 subas. The number reached 21 during Aurangzeb’s reign.
  • The territory of the empire was divided into khalisa (crown lands), jagirs (land granted to nobles) and inam (land granted to religious and learned men).

General Studies Question Bank CD

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