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Classical Dance of India
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It usually occurs inside nucleus and some cell organelles.Very little RNA occurs inside nucleus. Most of it is found in the cytoplasm.
DNA is the genetic material.RNA is not the genetic material except in certain viruses. e.g., TNIV,
It is double stranded with the exception of some viruses.RNA is single stranded with the exception of some viruses (e.g., double
stranded in Reovirus).
DNA shows regular helical coiling.There is no regular coiling except in parts of RNA.
DNA forms chromosomes of similar structures.rRNA forms ribosomes.
DNA contains several million nucleotides.Depending upon the type, RNA contains 10-12000 nucleotides.
DNA is of only two types, nuclear and extra nuclear.There are at least three types of RNA-rRNA, mRNA and tRNA
It contains deoxyribose sugar.It contains ribose sugar.
Nitrogen base thymine occurs in DNA along with three other-adenine, cytosine
and guanine.
Thymine is replaced by uracil in RNA. The other three are adenine, cytosine
and guanine.
Renaturation after melting is slow.It is quite fast.
Hydrogen bonds tire formed between complementary nitrogen bases of the
opposite strands of DNA (A : T, C : G)
Base pairing through hydrogen bonds occurs only in the coiled parts.
It replicates to form new DNA molecules.It cannot replicate itself except in RNA-RNA viruses.
DNA transcribes genetic information to RNA.RNA translates the transcribed message for forming polypeptides.
DNA controls heredity, evolution, metabolism, structure and differentiation.RNA controls only protein synthesis.
Its quantity is fixed for cell.The quantity of RNA of a cell is variable.
DNA controls metabolism and genetics including variations.It only controls metabolism under instructions from DNA.
Purine and pyrimidine bases are in equal number.There is no proportionality between number of purine and pyrimidine bases.
It can be hydrolyzed by enzyme DNA-ase.RNA is hydrolyzed by RNA-ase.

General Studies Question Bank CD

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