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Biggest Highest Largest Longest in the World

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List of Biggest Highest Largest Longest in the World

Tallest Animal in the WorldGiraffe
Largest Archipelago in the WorldIndonesia
Fastest Bird in the WorldSwift
Largest Bird in the WorldOstrich
Smallest Bird in the WorldHumming Bird
Longest Railway Bridge in the WorldHuey P.Long Bridge, Louisiana ( U.S.A. )
Tallest Building in the WorldTaipei 101, Taiwan
Longest Irrigation Canal in the WorldThe Kalakumsky Canal
Longest Canal in the WorldSuez Canal
Highest Capital in the WorldLa Paz ( Bolivia )
Biggest City in area in the WorldMount Isa ( Australia )
Largest City in population in the WorldTokyo
Costliest City in the WorldTokyo

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Tallest Animal in the WorldGiraffe
Highest City in the WorldVan Chuan ( China )
Largest Continent in the WorldAsia
Smallest Continent in the WorldAustralia
Biggest Country ( Area ) in the WorldRussia
Largest Country ( Population ) in the WorldChina
Largest ( Country Electorate ) in the WorldIndia
Largest Creature in the WorldBlue Whale
Largest Delta in the WorldSunderban ( Bangladesh & India )
Largest Desert in the WorldSahara ( Africa )
Largest Desert ( Asia ) in the WorldGobi
Largest Dam in the WorldGrand Coulee Dam ( U.S.A. )
Highest Dam in the WorldHoover Dam ( U.S.A. )
Largest Diamond in the WorldThe Cullinan
Largest Dome in the WorldAstrodome, in Housten ( U.S.A. )
Largest Epic in the WorldMahabharata
Largest Irrigation Scheme in the WorldLloyd Barrage, Sukkhur ( Pakistan )
Largest Island in the WorldGreenland
Largest Sea in the WorldMediterranean Sea
Deepest Lake in the WorldBaikal ( Siberia )
Largest Lake ( Artificial ) in the WorldLake Mead ( Boulder Dam )
Highest Lake in the WorldTiticaca ( Bolivia )
Largest Lake ( Fresh Water ) in the WorldSuperior
Largest Lake ( Salt water ) in the WorldCaspian
Largest Library in the WorldUnited States Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Highest Mountain Peak in the WorldEverest ( Nepal )
Longest Mountain Range in the WorldAndes ( S. America )
Largest Museum in the WorldBritish Museum, London
Largest Ocean in the WorldPacific
Biggest Palace in the WorldVatican ( Italy )
Largest Park in the WorldYellow Stone National Park ( U.S.A. )
Largest Peninsula in the WorldArabia
Coldest Place ( Habitated ) in the WorldVerkhoyansk ( Siberia )
Driest Place in the WorldIqique ( In Atacama Desert, Chile )
Hottest Place in the WorldAzizia ( Libya, Africa )
Rainiest Place in the WorldMausinram ( Meghalaya, India )
Biggest Planet in the WorldJupiter
Brightest Planet in the WorldVenus
Smallest Planet in the WorldPluto
Highest Plateau in the WorldPamir ( Tibet )
Longest Platform in the WorldKharagpur ( India )
Longest Railway in the WorldTrans - Siberian railway
Largest Railway Station in the WorldGrand Central Terminal, Chicago ( U.S.A. )
Longest River in the WorldNile ( Africa )
Largest River in the WorldAmazon ( S. America )
Largest Sea - bird in the WorldAlbatross
Brightest Star in the WorldSirius
Tallest Statue in the WorldStatue of Motherland, Volgagrad ( Russia )
Largest Telescope Radio in the WorldNew Mexico ( U.S.A. )
World's first Tramway in the WorldNew York
Longest Tunnel ( Railway ) in the WorldTanna ( Japan )
Longest Tunnel ( road ) in the WorldMont Blanc Tunnel between France and Italy
Highest Volcano in the WorldOjos del Salado ( Andes, Ecuador )
Most Active Volcano in the WorldMaunaloa ( Hawaii - U.S.A. )
Longest Wall in the WorldGreat Wall of China
Highest Waterfall in the WorldAngel ( Venezuela )
Lowest Water Body in the WorldDead Sea
Largest Zoo in the WorldKruger National Park, South Africa

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Biggest Highest in the World – List of Largest Longest in the World

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  • response to longest platform is now Gorakhpur...
    By Poorvi Chandan from Delhi on December 16, 2014 at 5:55 pm
  • Burj Khalifa , dubai, UAE with height828 metres/2717 feet. taipei 101 was the tallest till 2017.
    By Dr.pragadishwaran from coimbatore, tamilnadu on December 20, 2012 at 7:14 pm
  • the tallest building is the burj towers. kindly update it.
    By Dr.pragadishwaran from coimbatore, tamilnadu on December 20, 2012 at 6:58 pm
  • now if anyone say what india have say we have "one of the wonder of the world" TAJ MAHAL AT AGRA
    By KARAN from INDIA on August 3, 2012 at 3:15 pm
    By KARAN from INDIA on August 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm