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Geographical Epithets

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SI. No.Geographical EpithetsLocation
1.Bengal's SorrowDamodar River
2.Blue MountainsNilgiri Hills
3.Britain of the SouthNew Zealand
4.City of the Golden GateSan Francisco (USA)
5.City of Dreaming SpiresOxford (UK)
6.City of Magnificent DistanceWashington, DC, USA
7.City of Sky - ScrapersNew York
8.City of Seven HillsRome
9.City of PalacesKolkata
10.China's SorrowHuang - Ho
11.Cockpit of EuropeBelgium
12.Dark ContinentAfrica

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SI. No.Geographical EpithetsLocationSI. No.Geographical EpithetsLocation
13.Eternal CityRome45.Land of Midnight SunNorway
14.Emerald IslandIreland46.Land of Thousand LakesFinland
15.Empire CityNew York, U.S.A.47.Land of MaplesCanada
16.Forbidden CityLhasa, Tibet48.Land of White ElephantThailand
17.Garden of EnglandKent, England49.Mysore TigerTippu Sultan
18.Gate of TearsBab - el - mandeb, Jerusalem50.Manchester of IndiaMumbai
19.Garden CityChicago51.Manchester of Tamil NaduCoimbatore
20.Gateway of IndiaMumbai52.Never Never LandPrairies of N. Australia
21.Gateway of TamilnaduTuticorin53.Paradise on EarthKashmir Valley ( India )
22.Gift of the NileEgypt54.Pearl of the PacificGuayaquil Port of Ecuador
23.Granite CityAberdeen, Scotland55.Playground of EuropeSwitzerland
24.Great BroadwayNew York56.Playground of IndiaKashmir
25.Great WhitewayBroadway, New York57.Pearl of the AntillesCuba
26.Granary of South IndiaTanjore58.Pillar of HerculesGibraltar
27.Hearing PondAtlantic Ocean59.Pink CityJaipur
28.Hermit KingdomKorea60.Quaker CityPhiladelphia, U.S.A.
29.Holy LandPalestine61.Queen of the AdriaticVenice, Italy
30.Island ContinentAustralia62.Queen of the Arabian SeaKochi
31.Island of ClovesZanzibar63.Roof of the WorldPamirs, Central Asia
32.Island of PearlsBahrain64.Saint of the GuttersMother Teresa
33.Key to MediterraneanGibraltar65.Sickman of EuropeTurkey
34.Lady with a lampFlorence Nightingale66.Spice Garden of IndiaKerala
35.Land of LakesScotland67.Sugar Bowl of the WorldCuba
36.Land of the Golden FleeceAustralia68.Venice of the EastAlappuzha, India
37Land of the Golden PagodaMyanmar69.Venice of the NorthStockholm, Sweden
38.Land of KangarooAustralia70.White CityBelgrade, Yugoslavia
39.Land of LiliesCanada71.Windy CityChicago, U.S.A.
40.Land of Morning CalmKorea72.White Man's GraveGuinea Coast
41.Land of ThunderboltBhutan73.World's Bread BasketPrairies of N.America
42.Land of Five RiversPunjab, India74.World's Loneliest IslandTristanda Cuntra
43.Land of Rising SunJapan
44.Yellow River Huang - Ho

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