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Famous Animals and Birds


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Famous Animals and Birds

Animals and BirdsDescription
AlbatrossSea bird found in North Pacific of the American Coast
AlpacaAnimal found in Chile (South America)
BeaverAnimal found in Europe and North America
ChameleonA lizard capable of changing colour of its own skin
ChamoisAn animal found in Western Europe and Asia
CodWell - known palatable fish found in British Coast and New found land
CoralsSmall marine animals found mainly in the Mediterranean, Pacific and Indian Ocean
EmuRunning bird of Australia
GiraffeThe tallest animal of the world and found in Africa
GorillaMan - like animal and found in Africa
LlamaA dwarf - camel like animal found in South America
KangarooAn animal found in Australia

General Studies Question Bank CD
Animals and BirdsDescription
KiwiFlightless bird found in New Zealand
KoalaAnimal found in Australia
MustangAnimal found in American Prairies
OctopusA sea animal with eight sucker arms
OstrichIt is the largest living bird found in the Kalahari Desert of Africa
PelicanWater foul found in North America and Europe
PenguinFlightless sea bird found in Antarctica
PumaA carnivorous quadrupled found in North America
ReindeerA genus of homed deer found in Arctic region
TroutA fresh water fish found in Kashmir
WalrusLarge arctic marine animal found in North Polar Region
YakA curious long haired ox found in Tibet
ZebraHorse like quadrupled of whitish - grey colour animal found in Africa

General Studies Question Bank CD

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List of Animals and Birds – GK about Animals and Birds

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