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National Emblems of Famous Countries


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National Emblems of Famous Countries

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BangladeshWater Lily
CanadaWhite Lily
GermanyCorn Flower
IndiaLioned Capital
Ivory CoastElephant
ItalyWhite Lily

Hong KongBauhinia ( Orchid Tree )
LebanonCedar Tree
LuxembourgLion with Crown
MongoliaThe Soyombo
New ZealandSouthern Cross, Kiwi, Fern
Papua New GuineaBird of Paradise
Sri LankaLion
SudanSecretary Bird
RussiaSickle & Hammer
United KingdomRose
U.S.AGolden Rod
TurkeyCrescent and Star U.S.A Golden Rod
ZimbabweZimbabwe Bird

Flower Emblems

Bangladesh Water Lily
Canada Maple ( White Lily )
France Lily
Germany Cornflower
India Lotus
Iran Rose
Ireland Shamrock
Italy White Lily
Japan Chrysanthemum
Scotland Thistle
Spain Pomegranate
United Kingdom Rose
U.N.O Olive Branch

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