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Name of Parliament of Countries


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Names of Parliaments of Some Important Countries
S.No.CountryName of the Parliament
1.Afghanistan Hal-o-Aqad ( National Assembly )
2.Argentina National Congress
3.Australia Federal Parliament ( House of Representatives and Senate )
4.Bhutan Tshogdu ( National Assembly )
5.Brazil National Congress
6.Canada Parliament ( House of Commons and Senate )
7.China, Mainland National People's Congress

S. No.CountryName of Parliament
8.China, National Yuan ( National Assembly )
9.Denmark Folketing
10.Egypt People's Assembly
11.France National Assembly
12.Germany Bundestag ( Lower House ) and Bundesrat ( Upper House )
13.Hungary National Assembly
14.Iceland Althing
15.India Parliament ( Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha )
16.Indonesia People's Consultative Assembly
17.Japan Diet
18.Jordan National Assembly
19.Kenya National Assembly
20.Kuwait National Assembly
21.Laos People's Supreme Assembly
22.Liberia National Assembly
23.Libya General People's Congress
24.Madagascar National People's Assembly
25.Malaysia Parliament ( Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara )
26.Maldives Majlis
27.Mongolia Great People's Khural
28.Mozambique People's Assembly
29.Myanmar ( Burma ) Pyithu Hluttaw ( People's Assembly )

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S.No.CountryName of the Parliament
30.Nepal National Panchayat
31.The NetherlandsState General
32.New Zealand Parliament ( House of Representatives )
33.Norway Storting
34.Poland Sejm
35.Romania Grand National Assembly
36.Russia Supreme Soviet
37.Seychelles People's Assembly
38.SomaliaPeople's Assembly
39.South Africa House of Assembly
40.Spain Cortes
41.Sudan National Assembly
43.Switzerland Federal Assembly ( Nationairat and Standerat )
44.Syria People's Council
45.Tunisia National Assembly
46.Turkey Grand National Assembly
47.U.S.A.Congress ( House of Representatives and
Senate )
48.Venezuela National Congress
49.Vietnam National Assembly
50.Zaire ( Democratic
Republic of Congo )
National Legislative Council
51.Zambia National Assembly

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