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Common and Chemicals Names of Some Compounds


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Common and Chemicals Names of Some Compounds.

Common NameChemical NameChemical Formula
Dry IceSolid Carbon dioxideCO2
Slaked LimeCalcium HydroxideCa (OH)2
Bleaching Powder Calcium OxychlorideCaOCl2
NausadarAmmonium ChlorideNH4Cl
Caustic SodaSodium HydroxideNaOH
Rock SaltSodium ChlorideNaCl
Caustic PotashPotassium HydroxideKOH
Potash AlumPotassium Aluminium SulphateK2SO4 . Al2(SO4)3 . 24H2O
EpsomMagnesium SulphateMgSO4 . 7H2O
Quick LimeCalcium OxideCaO
Plaster of ParisCalcium Sulphate(CaSO4) ½ H2O

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Common NameChemical NameChemical Formula
GypsumCalcium SulphateCaSO4 . 2H2O
Green VitriolFerrous SulphateFeSO4 . 7H2O
Mohr's SaltAmmonium Ferrous SulphateFeSO4(NH4)2SO4 . 6H2O
Blue VitriolCopper SulphateCuSO4 . 5H2O
White VitriolZinc SulphateZnSO4 . 7H2O
Marsh GasMethaneCH4
VinegarAcetic AcidCH3COOH
Potash AshPotassium CarbonateK2CO3
HypoSodium ThiosulphateNa2S2O3 . 5H2O
Baking PowderSodium BicarbonateNaHCO3
Washing SodaSodium CarbonateNa2CO3 . 10H2O
MagnesiaMagnesium OxideMgO
Chalk (Marble)Calcium CarbonateCaCO3
Lunar CausticSilver NitrateAgNO3
Laughing GasNitrous OxideN2O
ChloroformTricholoro MethaneCHCl3
VermeliumMercuric SulphideHgS
BoraxBoraxNa2B4O7 . 10H2O
AlcoholEthyl AlcoholC2H5OH
Heavy WaterDuterium OxideD2O
Globar's SaltSodium SulphateNa2SO2 . 10H2O
T.N.TTri Nitro - tolueneC6H2CH3(NO2)3
CalomelMercurous ChlorideHgCl
SandSilicon OxideSiO2

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Common and Chemicals Names of Some Compounds.

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