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Health Inspector and Sanitary Inspector

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Health / sanitary inspectors:

This profession till date remains one of the most sought by people who wish to make great money & have power in their hands. Though the qualification is not comparable with other high profile courses but it gives enough scope to climb the ladder of success in shorter time.

What's the job?

As a health / sanitary inspector you will be more into conducting surveys, reports, field work & research on various aspects of health environment, conditions & the norms to be followed. The core job remains to be professionals who shall supervise an assignment, conduct enough analysis when the need arises to make the people / company abide by the health standards. Great opportunities exist in Government sector.

The Key skills required:
  • Ability to work in a team & take bold decisions against all odds.
  • Good communication skills. (to convince people on accepting the truth)
  • Good physical fitness & stamina to bear the burden of extra work / long work.
Job Prospects:
  • Government jobs: Many vacancies exist in the central & state government Health departments.
  • Work as consultant/supervisor/chief manager in private hospitals, MNC's & other health related departments.
  • Opportunities to work abroad are aplenty. You could get supervisor , managerial level jobs that give high returns.

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