PRIST University Admission 2013

Trichy – Thanjavur Road,
Thanjavur – 613 403,
Tamilnadu, India,
Website :

PRIST University, Thanjavur invites application for admission to the following academic courses 2013 :

Engineering and Technology :

  • BTech : Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • MTech : Applied Electronics, Biotechnology, Computer Science and Engineering, Structural Engineering, Communication Systems, Power Electronics and Drives, Manufacturing Technology, Environmental Engineering, Embedded System Engineering, Power Systems, Transportation Engineering

Arts and Science :

  • B.A – English
  • BSc – Optometry, Medical Lab Technology, Computer Science, Information Technology, Visual Communication, Mathematics
  • BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications
  • M.A – English
  • MSc – Computer Science, Mathematics
  • MCA ( Regular and Lateral Entry )

Management Studies :

  • B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce
  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • B.B.A ( Honors )
  • M.B.A – General / Honors / Hospital Management / Insurance / Retail Management
  • M.Com – Master of Commerce

Education :

  • BEd – Bachelor of Education
  • MEd – Master of Education

Research :

  • MPhil – Master of Philosophy
  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy

PRIST University Admission Eligibility 2013 :

4. Writing
Transcription of print text Words / sentencesChildren copy sentences / passages from the text book / black board, etc., Copy down the passage

Finds hidden words in word grids

Write two other rhyming words for each word.
Recall spellingWords ( high frequency words, phonetic words and content words )Teacher presents a variety of writing exercises such as jumbled letters, sentences, fill ups and dictation to develop spelling skills.Fill in the blanks with correct word : Monkeys climb______. ( stere/ reest/ trees )
Creative writingWriting rhyming sentences, Writing on a topic, Drawing and writing, Making a list Teacher presents a simple rhyme with missing sentences.

Children draw, colour and write
Write two sentences that rhyme using the given words. ball, wall

Make a list of things that you would like to do this Sunday.

Read and Answer the following questions

Make a question for the following sentences. The
question words are given.
What __________ This is a train.
Writing sentences / longer passagesText, creative writing Teacher writes on the blackboard and the children copy it.

Children read a passage and answer questions.

Children write a few sentences using their own
Using punctuationsText comma, apostrophe and question markTeacher helps the children to mark the punctuations correctly in a passagePunctuate :

she is in delhi
where is my sister
ravi gita and anwar are playing football
Write using a combination of grammatical forms

[ Consolidation of functional learning through usage ]
Functional grammar : Nouns, Verbs, Prepositions, Articles, Adjectives, Comparison of adjectives, Subject - verb agreement Personal pronouns, Possessives, Verb forms, Singular and plural

[ Learnt and interpreted only as usage ]
Teacher provides opportunities through written activities for children to write using a combination of grammatical forms. Fill in the blanks with correct word.
This is my shirt. ____
( It / His ) is red in colour.

Make the sentences bigger choosing from the words given. ( tall, blue, two )
I have bottles.
A boy is running.
My bag is lost.

Copy a news item in your note book.

Form two or three rhyming sentences.

Use punctuations as directed by the teacher.
5. Vocabulary
Forming Singular and Plural Names. Irregular nouns ‘ies’, ‘ves’Teacher guides children with vocabulary games and activitiesMatch the following :
Knife - Loaves
Story - knives
Loaf - stories
Using Picture Dictionary Picture DictionaryTeacher guides the children in grasping the meaning from the picture dictionaryKnow how to refer to picture dictionary as and when needed
Months of the yearMonths of the yearTeacher uses the calendar for children to learn the months of the year and to know what month they are in. E.g., Today is Friday, September 26th, 2009.Sing a rhyme- ‘January,February,…’

What is the first month of the year?

What is the last month of the year?
6. Language Functions
Make a Role play ( pair work )Themes from text, story books, real life situationsTeacher initiates discussion and guides children to play different roles Take up roles as butterfly, bee, tree, peacock and speak one or two lines about yourself
Act in a drama ( Dramatization )Content from the text / stories Teacher facilitates in dramatizing the storyTake up roles to enact a short story. Akbar and Birbal
Making listsShopping list, list of items in the classroom, list of childrenTeacher presents topics for lists or uses naturally occurring opportunities to make lists.Make a list of things you bring to school
Making a presentation ( Show
and tell )
Things found or created by children.Children say a few sentences about the work they created or something that they found, how they made it, where they found it etc., Make a presentation A scrap book- flowers A fish made with shells.
Talking about a themeSimple / Common / familiar themes Teacher enables children to talk about a familiar themeTalk about : My school. My pet cat

Act like a doctor.

Prepare a list of thing you want from your father.

Describe what you made of waste paper / rags / clay / plastic items.
Note : Grammar is not taught in isolation. It will be integrated in the lessons in a graded manner. A note for teachers on functional grammar with suggested activities will be included wherever relevant in the textbook

PRIST University Admission Application Form 2013 :

  • PRIST University admission application form can be downloaded from university website :
  • Send completed PRIST University admission application DD with appropriate application fee drawn in favour of “PRIST University”, payable at Thanjavur.
  • Duly filled PRIST University admission application post by sent to the following address :
    PRIST University,
    Trichy – Thanjavur Road,
    Thanjavur – 613 403.

Important Dates for PRIST University Admission 2013 :

  • PRIST University admission application Deadlines for All UG courses : 30th June, 2013.
  • PRIST University admission application Deadlines for All PG / Mphil programs : 15th July, 2013.

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