LNMIIT Results 2017

LNMIIT 2017 Results LNMIIT 2017 Based on JEE Main Entrance Exam : LNM IIT 2017 Exam Date : JEE Main 2017 Offline Exam Date : 2nd April, 2017 ( For Paper 1 and Paper 2 ). JEE Main 2017 Online Exam Date : 8th April, 2017 and 9th April, 2017 ( For Paper 1 Only ). LNM IIT 2017 Result Date : LNM IIT 2017 Entrance Exam Results has been declared http://cbseresults.nic.in/jee main zxc/Jee_cbse_2017.htm

LNMIIT Application Form 2017

LNMIIT 2017 Application Form LNMIT 2017 How to Apply : Registrations through JEE Main mode are two stage process : Stage I ( Fill in Personal and Address Details; Pay the Application fee ) Step 1 : Click on “New Registration” and fill the mandatory information to create an account. Step 2 : Your account details containing Application ID and Password for your online application will be sent to your email – id and mobile no. Step 3 : Log into your account, using the Sign In on the admission portal. Fill the information in the online form/ student information. Step […]

LNMIIT Entrance Exam 2017

LNMIIT 2017 Entrance Exam LNM Institute of Information Technology ( LNMIIT ) invites admission Application for B.Tech programs for the academic session 2017 – 2018.  LNMIIT 2017 Programs offered The Institute offers undergraduate programs in the following disciplines : Computer Science and Engineering ( CSE ) Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE ) Communication and Computer Engineering ( CCE ) Mechanical – Mechatronics Engineering ( MME ) Mechanical Engineering ( ME ) Eligibility Criteria for JEE Main Mode The applicant must be appearing for JEE Main 2017 conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education The applicant must have secured at least 60% aggregate marks […]

KIITEE Mathematics Syllabus 2018

KIITEE Mathematics Syllabus 2018 Unit 1 : Sets, Relations and Functions : Sets and their Representations, Union, intersection and complements of sets, and their algebraic properties, Relations, equivalence relations, mappings, one-one, into and onto mappings, composition of mappings. Unit 2 : Complex Numbers : Complex numbers in the form a+ib and their representation in a plane. Argand diagram. Algebra of complex numbers, Modulus and Argument (or amplitude) of a complex number, square root of a complex number. Cube roots of unity, triangle inequality. Unit 3 : Matrices and Determinants : Determinants and matrices of order two and three, properties of […]

KIITEE Chemistry Syllabus 2018

KIITEE 2018 Chemistry Syllabus Unit 1 :  Some Basic Concepts Measurement in chemistry ( Precision, significant figures, S.I. units, Dimensional analysis ). Laws of chemical combination. Atomic Mass, Molecular Mass, mole concept, Molar Mass, determination of Molecular formula. Chemical equation, stoichiometry of Chemical reactions. Unit 2 : States of Matter Gaseous state, measurable properties of gases, Boyle’s Law, Charle’s Law and absolute scale of temperature, Avogadro’s hypothesis, ideal gas equation, Dalton’s law of partial pressures. Kinetic molecular theory of gases ( the microscopic model of gas ), deviation form ideal behaviour. The solid state ( classification of solids, X-ray studies […]

KIITEE Physics Syllabus 2018

KIITEE Physics Syllabus 2018 Unit 1 : Units and Measurement Units for measurement, system of units-S.I., fundamental and derived units. Dimensions and their applications. Unit 2 : Description of Motion in One Dimension Motion in a straight line, uniform and nonuniform motion, their graphical representation. Uniformly accelerated motion, and its application. Unit 3 : Description of Motion in Two and Three Dimensions Scalars and vectors, vector addition, a real number, zero vector and its properties. Resolution of vectors. Scalar and vector products, uniform circular motion and its applications projectile motion. Unit 4 : Laws of Motion Force and inertia-Newton’s Laws […]

JIIT PGET Syllabus 2017

JIIT PGET 2017 Materials Science and  Engineering Syllabus : – Page 1, Page 2, Page3 Materials Science and Engineering Interference, Diffraction, and Polarization. Laws of thermodynamics, Reversible and irreversible systems, Carnot cycle, Heat engines, Entropy, Thermal and chemical equilibrium. Maxwell’s equations, Electromagnetic waves, Poynting vector, Reflection, Refraction, Absorption, and Transmission of electromagnetic radiation from dielectric surface. Lorentz transformations, Addition of velocities, Mass variation with velocity, Mass-energy relation. Black body radiation, laws of radiation, Compton scattering. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Schrödinger equation and applications, Operators. Origin of spectral lines, Angular momentum, Atoms in magnetic field. Vibrational, Rotational, electronic, Raman, NMR and ESR spectroscopy. […]

GGSIPU CET Syllabus 2018

GGSIPU CET 2018 Syllabus * Syllabi for CET Code 128, for the prescribed subjects shall be of Diploma level. Syllabi for CET Code 130 and 131, for the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology ( Botany & Zoology ) or Biotechnology shall be as specified by CBSE for class 11th and 12th under the 10+2 Scheme for the students passing class 12th in the year 2016. ** Result shall be declared on or before the notified date. GGSIPU CET 2018 MTech Syllabus Syllabus for CET for M.Tech ( Food Processing Technology ) Programme (i) Food Microbiology Characteristics of microorganisms : […]