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Career as Air Conditioning Engineer

Individuals who are interested in climate control and mechanical work may want to consider a career as an Air Conditioning ( AC ) Engineer. Air Conditioning engineers are responsible for maintaining the air quality of homes and buildings.

Air Conditioning Engineer Career Overview

Air Conditioning engineers, also known as AC technicians, install and maintain the mechanical and electrical components of air conditioning systems. They may diagnose and repair air – conditioning problems throughout homes or buildings. They may also test the performance of the cooling system with specialized tools and equipment.

Air Conditioning Engineer Career Educational Requirements

Many employers require Air Conditioning engineers to hold diplomas or certificates in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (H VAC ). Vocational and technical schools offer HVAC diploma and certificate programs, and the programs typically take less than two years to complete. Course work in an HVAC program may cover subjects such as building codes, electricity, heating systems, refrigeration and air conditioning. Some schools provide students with hands – on work opportunities. As an alternative to a educational program, aspiring AC engineers may prepare for Air Conditioning Engineer career by completing 3 – 5 years of apprenticeship training.

Air Conditioning Engineer Required Skills

  • Having leadership abilities.
  • Being practical.
  • Having good written and spoken communication skills.
  • Being able to work at heights.
  • Having interpersonal abilities.
  • Being able to meet deadlines.
  • Having knowledge about national and European legislation on refrigerants.
  • Being aware of safety issues.
  • Having good math skills.
  • Being able to read technical drawings.

Air Conditioning Engineer Career Requirements

In some states, Air Conditioning engineers are required to be licensed, which entails formal training and passage of an exam. Air Conditioning engineers typically work a full-time work week with opportunities for overtime during the summer season. Prospective Air Conditioning engineers must have good mechanical skills and an understanding of basic technical math and science as well as the willingness to work for long periods of time in uncomfortable environments. Air Conditioning engineers typically must be in decent physical shape, because some jobs require heavy lifting, bending and fitting into small spaces.

Career Outlook and Salary Information for Air Conditioning Engineer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ), HVAC technicians, including Air Conditioning engineers, earned a median annual salary of $42,530 in 2010 ( ). Employment in the field was expected to grow 28% from 2008 – 2018, much faster than the average for other occupations. Demand for these positions is present all over the nation; however, people in areas with higher average temperatures may need their air conditioning systems repaired and maintained more often than those in cooler climates.

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