Forensic Science Career

Forensic science is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences and technologies for investigating situations and establishing results and conclusions based on collected evidence.

It helps a great deal especially in law enforcement where forensics is done in relation to criminal or civil law. Forensic science is also used in other fields, such as astronomy, archaeology, biology and geology to investigate ancient times.

Forensic science is used for examination and comparison of biological evidence, trace evidence, impression evidence ( such as fingerprints, footwear impressions, and tire tracks ), ballistics, firearm and tool mark examination, and other evidence in criminal investigations, skeletonized human remains can be identified and recovered.

It is used for determining past celestial constellation, detection and identification of drugs, study of plant life, evaluation of insects, explosives and gunshot residues. Evidences from minerals, petroleum and soils can also be traced. Moreover, legal cases involving nonhuman biological evidence, such as animal abuse, poaching, and trade in endangered species can also be solved with its help.

Branches of Forensic Science Career

There are a large number of branches of forensic science. One can pursue any of the branches according to his / her own area of interest and can go on for further studies. One can specialize in subjects like geology, insect study, fingerprinting, toxicology, chemistry etc.

  • Crime Scene Investigation : It includes documenting crime scenes, collection & preservation of evidence, articles, forum, videos, and resources. Forensic Pathology / Medicine Forensic : it includes use of medical and pathological principles for determining cause of death or injury.
  • Forensic Anthropology : It involves application of physical anthropology in a legal setting, commonly for identifying skeletonized human remains.
  • Forensic Psychology : It involves using of forensic methods for studying mind of an individual. Usually it determines the circumstances behind a criminal’s behavior.
  • Forensic Dentistry ( Odontology ) : It includes the study of the uniqueness of dentition, better known as the study of teeth.
  • Clinical Forensic Medicine : It includes interpreting medical evidence and obtaining document from victims of crime, alleged offenders and examination of adult sexual assault victims.
  • Forensic Entomology : It helps in determining time or location of death by examining insects in, on and around human remains. It is also possible to determine if the body was moved after death using entomology.
  • Forensic Serology : It includes study of the body fluids Forensic Chemistry : it includes the study of detection and identification of illicit drugs, accelerants used in arson cases, explosive and gunshot residue
  • Forensic Dactyloscopy : It is the study of fingerprints.
  • Forensic linguists : It deals with issues in the legal system that requires linguistic expertise.
  • Forensic Ballistics : It involves analyzing of bullets and bullet impacts to determine information of use to a court or other part of a legal system. Firearm and tool mark examinations involve analyzing ammunition, firearm and tool mark evidence in order to establish whether a certain firearm or tool was used in the commission of a crime.
  • Forensic Toxicology : It is the study of the effect of drugs and poisons on / in the human body.
  • Forensic Engineering : It involves the examination and analysis of structures and products relating to their failure or cause of damage.
  • Forensic Photography : It is the study and interpretation of aerial photo – graphic evidence.
  • Forensic Artists and Sculptors : Sculptors help in facial reconstruction on identified remains and help in developing bust of missing persons by using age progression techniques. They assist law enforcement in identification.
  • Cytological Investigation : It helps in locating and identifying cells, assigning cells to particular organs or anatomic locations, as well as isolating cell groups or single cells for further molecular genetics examinations must be considered as an option in certain case.
  • Forensic Geology : It includes study of trace evidence in the form of minerals, soils and petroleum.

Aptitude and Skills Required for Forensic Science Career

  • Technical skill can be easily taught. But intellect and skill for analyzing and solving a crime cannot be taught. Good academic record with thorough knowledge of various fields of science is necessary.
  • The field also demands an eye for detail, strong analytical skills, presence of mind and intense and sharp observation. It also demands ability to work with experts from other fields like social science, Psychology, and Statistics. One must also be capable of doing mental and physical work.

Top College Offering Forensic Science Courses

  • Several colleges in India offer courses at various levels like : BSc Forensic Science MSc Forensic Science Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science.
  • There are various colleges in India in which one can opt for this course. For this course one should have PCM or PCB in 10+2. The top colleges in which one can apply are listed below :
1.Availability of NTRUHS Online Application www.drntruhs.orgFrom 7.00 AM on 28th December, 2015 to 11th January, 2016 upto 05:00 PM
2.Last date for submission of Printout of filled - in NTRUHS application20th January, 2016 upto 05:00 PM
The Convener,
PG Admissions Committee,
Dr. NTR University of Health
Sciences, Vijayawada - 520008.
3.Availability of Hall Tickets for download www.drntruhs.orgFrom 21st February, 2016
4.Date and Time of NTRUHS Computer Based ( Online ) Entrance Test 28th February, 2016 ( Sunday ) from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM by 9:00 AM sharp
5.Date of release of Answer Key 29th February, 2016 at 8:00 PM
6.Last date for submitting objections on key through Email : uhsetss@gmail.com1st March, 2016 by 5:00 PM
7.Date of display of final answer key10th March, 2016
8.Date of release of results and display of Merit list10th March, 2016
10.Dates of counselingWill be notified separately.
11.Commencement of classes1st May, 2016
12.Closure of admissions31st May, 2016

Forensic Science Career Pay Scale

  • Remuneration for various state forensics departments would be as per government pay scales. The state department salaries begin around Rupee 8,000/- per month and increases according to the rank and years of experience.
  • Forensic Scientists holding postgraduate qualifications can expect to start with a salary of Rupee 12,000/- to Rupee 18,000/- PM depending on the nature of the organization. Private forensic laboratories offer lucrative pay packages to scientists with a few years of experience behind them.

Forensic Science Career Scope and Opportunities

  • Forensic science has emerged out to be one of the most popular fields in recent years. With the increase of crime and fraud in India, the demand of forensic experts has also increased.
  • Forensic Experts having expertise in different fields ( and hence designations ) like Forensic Scientists, Forensic Investigators, Fingerprint Expert, Handwriting Expert, Crime Scene Investigator and such others are in great demand.
  • There are jobs in both private and government sector like crime branches, CID, CBI, police, investigation bureau, defense / army, narcotics department, courts one, banks, insurance agencies, universities, detective agencies etc.

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  1. Dear Sir
    I completed my 12th….Can u advice me about where i should do my Bachelor in forensic science…
    Which is the best in India..And I wanna do MFSc from other country or forun ….. So which is the best college of India…

  2. Sir, I want to do pg diploma in criminology and forensic science, i’m persuing llb final from meerut university please suggest me best institution for this course with admission procedure and fee structure.

  3. sir i have completed BDS..i want to do forensic odontology…kindly tell me the top university in india and how can i join there?? any entrance needed ??


  5. Forensic Science has a secure career but it depends where you doing this course from. If you plan to do this course than I will suggest you to do this course from a reputed university which provides you with the better industrial attraction, placement and laboratories to cater research. As per I know one college that fulfills all the said aspect is Galgotia University in NCR.The main objective of this course at GU is to create professionals who will apply their knowledge, in an essentially crime laboratory-based profession, to the investigation of crime. But the expertise of a forensic professional is also used in civil cases for issues like proving the validity of a signature on a will, to a claim of the products liability, to find out whether an industry is complying with environmental rules.

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