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Career in Indian Defence

Most national activities require an integrated approach to understand, this is true to a greater extent of defence and security problems of a nation. Moreover, security of a nation is influenced by its political stability, geostrategic environment, economic and international relations and advancements in armaments and allied technologies.

This coupled with the fact that defence and security issues have a long gestation period, their resolution has long – term implication and it requires major resources and time for building up capability to meet the challenges.

The new techniques and changes have transformed the nature of war from its mercenary character to that of nationalized and total war. In this modern era every citizen from a country is involved in the process of war directly or indirectly.

Defence studies as an academic discipline is broadly conceived to encompass all issues – both domestic and strategic – that can affect our national defence and national security interests.

Recognizing the importance and role of the Defence studies various countries like Australia, Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, U.S.A, and many other countries of the world introduced Defence studies as an academic discipline in their countries at university, college and school level.

Defence studies also known by various names like Defence and strategic studies, Military science, War and National security studies, War and strategic studies in the world. Defence studies promotes the development of military education and creation of awareness about National security among civilians.

It will initiate the young students and help them in understanding the nuances of defence and security matters.

After independence, India has faced many ebbs and flows in the fields of defence and developments. Wars with Pakistan and China in 1962 highlighted the need for India’s security policy.

Although our political leadership exercise greater care in their utterance on defence and security matter’s, these are essentially confined to generalities and is not the outcome of a well though – out policy.

Defence studies, War studies, Strategic studies as currently taught in a handful of Universities of India. The subject naturally touches on important questions of International law, Economy, International relations, Science and Technology, Area studies, Nuclear policies, Thinkers of war etc.

Teaching and research activities are done in many universities of India, having as its primary focus on India’s national security.

In all departments of Defence studies the approach to the study of national security as interdisciplinary and such encompasses such as aspects like Geopolitics and Military Geography, Science and Technology, Economics of Defence, Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution etc.

National defence is not only the obligations of peoples who are in armed forces but it is a responsibility of the all citizens of a nation. The aim of the defence studies is closely related to other spheres of life.

Therefore, Students of defence studies learn things, not only when organizing national and civil defence, but also in their everyday lives as well every grown up citizen should have an overview of security and defence policy of their own country.

Teachers and students of this subject can also contributes article to the newspapers and magazines on various national security related aspects and the problem of war regularly which keeps the government and the general public aware about the national security issues.

The government of India has also approved the proposal for establishing the Defence University in our country. The INDU is to be a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence in the country in education and research on national security issues India will be the third country in the world to building NDU.

The other two counties having the National Defence University are China and the USA.

Conclusion :

So, from the above discussion it can be said that the major aim of defence studies is to impart knowledge to develop defence-oriented intellectual aptitude and disseminate ideas off war and peace with greater understanding to mobilize public opinion in favour of the requirements of national security.

In view of the importance of the subject from security point of view as India is destined to have been accorded by virtue of its geographic location, the utility of the subject with regard to the creation of security consciousness in the mind of Indian peoples.

It has become almost essential for every nation to seek a prestigious status in the international level to evolve certain degree of national consciousness about the security matters.

Defence studies helps to give mature guidance regarding national security problems and prospective to citizens of our country.

Indian Defence Job Opportunities :

  1. The students having passed their Post graduate degrees in the subject of Defence Studies be absorbed as lecturers to teach the subject at various levels.
  2. The student having passed P.G. degrees in the subject of Defence Studies are directly recruited as Commissioned Officers in Army / Navy / Air Force, Education Corps and Ground Duty Officers.
  3. They can vigorously pursue research in various fields of India’s national security problems including the international relations, geostrategic, geopolitical socio – economic and tactical aspects of war, they having a basic knowledge can prove to be much better than others in this field.
  4. In view of the increased importance of public opinion in the national security, the youth having basic understanding of the defence matters can be more suitable for defence journalism.
  5. Indian Armed Forces have facing problem of shortage of more then 25000 officers, the youth having a basic understanding and aptitude for security matters can contribute in a better way by joining the Indian Armed Forces.
  6. Defence Study has been included in the competitive examinations by the Public Service Commissions of the States of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttaranchal, etc.
  7. UGC conducts examination for the award of Junior Research Fellow / Lecturer Eligibility Test at national level for the purpose of research and recruitment of teachers in this discipline.
  8. Students of defence studies can also join Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) New Delhi as Research Associates / Research Fellow / Research Officer after clearing some requirements.
  9. University Grants Commission and Ministry of Defence awards various scholarships for research projects and writing books in this discipline.

The following universities and institutions offer various courses in Defence Studies in India.

SI. No.Name of the InstituteAddress of the InstituteCourses Offered
1.Allahabad UniversitySenate Hall,
Department of Defence and Strategic Studies,
Allahabad - 211 002,
Uttar Pradesh,
Website :
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
2.Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur UniversityDepartment of Defence and Strategic Studies
Gorakhpur - 273 009,
Uttar Pradesh,
Website :
B.A, M.A, PhD, PGDDNSM (Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster and National Security Management)
3.Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal UniversityDefence and Strategic Studies Department,
Garhwal University,
Srinagar, Garhwal - 246 174,

Website :
B.A. / B.Sc, M.A. / M.Sc., PhD, PGDMSD (Post Graduate Diploma in Military Studies & Defence Management)
4.Maharshi Dayanand UniversityDepartment of Defence and Strategic Studies,
Rohtak - 124 001,
Website :
M.A, Ph.D
5.University of MadrasDepartment of Defence and Strategic Studies,
Chepauk Campus,
P.O. Chennai - 600 005, Tamilnadu,
Website :
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
6.University of PuneDepartment of Defence and Strategic Studies,
Pune - 411 007,

Website :
M.A / M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
7.Panjab UniversityCentre for Defence and National Security Studies,
Chandigarh - 160 014.
M.A, Ph.D
8.Punjabi UniversityDepartment of Defence and Strategic Studies,
Patiala - 147 002,
Website :
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
9.Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj UniversityMilitary Studies,
Kalyanpur - 208 024,
Kanpur, UttarPradesh,
Website :
B.A. / B.Sc., M.A. / M.Sc., PhD
10.University of CalcuttaMilitary Studies,
Senate House 87/1,
College Street, Calcutta - 700 073,
West Bengal.
B.A (for NCC Candidates as option).
11.M.J.P. Rohilkhand UniversityMilitary Studies & Military Science,
Dori Lal Agarwal Marg,
University Campus,
Bareilly - 243 001, Uttar Pradesh,
Website :
B.A. / B.Sc., M.A. / M.Sc., PhD
12.Manipur UniversityDefence Studies, Canchipur,
Imphal - 795 003, Manipur,
Website :
B.A. / B.Sc.
13.North Maharashtra UniversityDefence and Strategic Studies,
PO Box No.80,
Umavinagar, Jalgaon - 425 002,
Website :
B.A. / B.Sc., M.A. / M.Sc., PhD
14.Tripura UniversityDefence Studies,
PO Agartala College,
Tripura West, Suryamani Nagar,
Agartala - 799 004,
Website :
B.A. / B.Sc.
15.Osmania UniversityHyderabad,
Website :
Master in Defence Management
16.Lucknow UniversityWebsite : of Military Science
17.Jawaharlal Nehru UniversitySchool of International Studies,
New Delhi - 110 067,
Website :

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