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Career in Foreign Languages


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Career in Foreign Languages

Language is the key to Society and man. Learning different language means learning about Cultures and Traditions of various people.

Career Opportunities in Foreign Language

Viewed from the career angle, Foreign languages offer interesting as well as challenging career opportunities. Language professionals have carved out a very special place for themselves.

Nowadays professionals knowing Indian as well as foreign languages are in great demand as interpreters, translaters and most important as teachers. Nowadays translators are hired to translate scripts or even rewrite script in different languages.

Similarly interpreters are hired by multinational companies when annual conference take place in which delegates are invited from different countries.

For example, in a meeting if the speaker happens to be a Japanese who doesn’t speak English, than an interpreter is hired and he listens and interprets the speech so that the rest of the invitees are also to understand.

You can get careers involving the professional use of Foreign languages. Some graduates work as Professionals, Commercial or Technical Translators, Interpreters, or Bilingual Secretaries; all of which requires a high level of linguistic proficiency.

Other work with International organisations or in Library and Information work, Industrial and Commercial Management, the Media, Advertising, Banking. Marketing and Teaching.

Linguists are generally employed on permanent basis by foreign embassies or international organisations like the UNO, UNICEF or Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre, International trade organisation, Airlines, etc. Linguists work in schools or colleges.

They also get jobs as teachers in Universities in their foreign language departments. Language professionals are well paid and also get ample of opportunities to travel around the world.

Those having proficiency in a foreign language are also employed around the multinational companies in varying capacities.

Personal Attributes :

Besides having interest in learning a language, you should have pleasant personality excellent Public Relations, Immense patience and the ability to work hard for 10 – 12 hours a day during annual conference.

In a nut shell, training in a major language enables one at the end of the training to become a Translator, an Interpreter, a Teacher, Conference Coordinator, an expert or a consultant in multi – media projects, tour escort, hotlier.

Now that the world is becoming a small place and with the spreading globalisation a person trained in a foreign language is becoming an important person, a cultures negotiator in fact.

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