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Career in Teaching : : Career in Teaching Education

Introduction to Teaching :

Teaching is a challenging but very rewarding profession, with teachers playing an essential part in helping children and young people to acquire and develop the knowledge and skills they will need in later life. As well as primary and secondary teachers, the recognition of the importance of education for very young children has led to a growth of opportunities for early years teachers.

A teacher’s responsibility towards a child is probably more than that of the parents. This is primarily because the child just doesn’t receive education from the school where he or she studies, but also learns the value systems from the same people. For taking up teaching as a career, you require a passion for exchanging
ideas, whether it is teaching at a school or in a college. While as a school teacher you are to educate delicate minds, in a college environment, the exchanges are at an intellectual level with students who are your friends.

By pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education after or along with your graduation, you would be able to
secure a position as a teacher in a good school. Usually, jobs as teachers in government schools are considered prestigious. However, if you are interested in new methodologies of teaching, you may try for a job in private schools as well.

Career Teaching Institutes/Universities in India :

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Career in Teaching