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BITSAT 2018 Entrance Exam

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test – BITSAT 2018 is a Computer Based Test for admission to Integrated First Degree Programs of BITS Pilani at Pilani Campus, K.K. Birla Goa Campus & Hyderabad Campus.

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science ( BITS ) Pilani is an all India Institution declared as Deemed to be University under Section 3 of the UGC Act. Admissions to all the Integrated First Degree programmes of BITS, Pilani, at Pilani campus, Goa campus, and Hyderabad Campus for the academic year 2018 – 2019 will be made on the basis of a Computer based Online Test conducted by BITS, Pilani. This test will be referred to as ‘BITS Admission Test – 2018’, in short as BITSAT 2018.

BITSAT 2018 Programs Offered

Integrated First degree programmes to which admissions will be made on the basis of BITSAT 2018 :

BITS, Pilani – Pilani Campus :

  • B.E.: Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical, Manufacturing.
  • B.Pharm.;
  • M.Sc.: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics and M.Sc.: General Studies.

BITS, Pilani – K. K. Birla Goa Campus :

  • B.E.: Chemical, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical.
  • M.Sc.: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics.

BITS, Pilani – Hyderabad Campus :

  • B.E.: Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical, Manufacturing.
  • B.Pharm.;
  • M.Sc.: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics

BITSAT 2018 Exam Details 

‘Computer Based Online test’ means the candidate sits in front of a computer and the questions are presented on the computer monitor and the candidate answers the questions on the computer through the use of keyboard or mouse. Each computer is connected to a server, which prepares the question set and delivers it to the candidate on the computer. This is unlike the traditional paper-pencil based test, which is generally offered on a single day to all candidates. BITSAT 2018 will be offered over a period of time and the candidate can choose the Center, the Day and Time of his/her convenience to take the test, as described in the later sections.

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BITSAT 2018 Eligibility

BITSAT 2018 Admission to all the above programs except B.Pharm.  :

Candidates should have passed the 12th examination of 10+2 system from a recognized Central or State board or its equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and adequate proficiency in English.

For admission to B.Pharm. :

Candidates should have passed the 12th examination of 10+2 system from a recognized Central or State board or its equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and adequate proficiency in English. However candidates with PCM may also apply for Pharmacy program.

Admissions to all the programmes are subject to the conditions given below :

The candidate should have obtained a minimum of aggregate 75% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects ( if he / she has taken Mathematics in BITSAT ) or a minimum of aggregate 75% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects ( if he / she has taken Biology in BITSAT ) in 12th examination, with at least 60% marks in each of the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics / Biology subjects.

Only Students who are appearing for 12th examination in 2018 or who have passed 12th Examination in 2017 are eligible to appear in the BITSAT 2018 test. If a candidate has taken more than one attempt in 12th class or its equivalent, only his latest performance is considered, provided this attempt has been for the full component of subjects/courses prescribed. Students who have passed 12th examination in 2016 or earlier are NOT eligible to appear in BITSAT 2018. Students who are presently studying in BITS at any of its campuses are not eligible to appear in BITSAT 2018.

Admissions will be made purely on merit. The merit position of the candidate for admission will be based on the score obtained by the candidate in the BITSAT 2018. However, their eligibility for admission is subject to fulfilling the requirement of minimum marks in 12th examination, as mentioned above.

Direct Admission to Board Toppers :

In the past, admission process of the Institute always ensured guaranteed admission to all the students who obtained first ranks in their respective board examinations. This has given a very vital input of highly meritorious students from all over India. First rank students of all the central and state boards in India for the year 2018 will be given direct admission to the program of their choice, irrespective of their BITSAT 2018 score as per the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Further details about this scheme will be available at BITS admission website by 1st May, 2018.

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BITSAT 2018 Exam Pattern

BITSAT 2018 will be of total 3 hour duration ( without break ). The test consists of four parts :

  • Part I : Physics
  • Part II : Chemistry
  • Part III : (a) English Proficiency and (b) Logical Reasoning
  • Part IV : Mathematics or Biology ( For B.Pharm candidates )

All questions are of objective type ( multiple choice questions ); each question with choice of four answers, only one being correct choice. Each correct answer fetches 3 marks, while each incorrect answer has a penalty of 1 mark ( -1 mark ). No marks are awarded for questions not attempted. While the candidate can skip a question, the computer will not allow the candidate to choose more than one option as correct answer. There will be 150 questions in all. The number of questions in each part is as follows :

 S.NoSubjectNo of questions
Part IChemistry40
Part IIPhysics40
Part III(a) English Proficiency15
(b) Logical Reasoning10
Part IVMathematics / Biology ( For B.Pharm )45
Total 150

There is no time limit for individual parts of the test. The candidate can go back and change any of his / her answers among the 150 questions.

If a candidate answers all the 150 questions ( without skipping any question ), the candidate will have an option of attempting 12 ( twelve ) extra questions, if there is still time left. These extra questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics / Biology only; four questions from each part. Further, once the candidate has opted for extra questions, he cannot go back for correction of any of the earlier answered 150 questions.

The questions are so designed that a good student will be able to answer 150 questions in 180 minutes. The extra questions ( a maximum of 12 ) will give a chance to highly meritorious candidates to score higher. However, candidates should keep in mind the fact that there is negative marking for wrong answers and any attempt to answer the questions by pure guessing of the answers is not likely to have any advantage, but may result in a reduction in the total score.

The questions will be selected at random from a large question bank. Different candidates will get different question sets. An expert committee will ensure that the question sets are of comparable difficulty level, content, question type etc. In this matter, the decision of the expert committee will be final and binding on the candidate.

All the questions and instructions of the test will be in English only. Candidates should bring a pen for the purpose of rough work, signing etc. Blank sheets for rough work will be provided, if required. Calculators and logarithmic tables are not allowed in the test centers. Candidates are not allowed to bring any other personal belongings such as mobiles.

Each candidate who registers for BITSAT 2018 will be instructed to download a ‘Hall Ticket’. Candidates with the hall ticket only will be allowed inside the Test centers. All centers are closely monitored for security and candidates’ identity and activities will be recorded using web cameras and / or closed circuit TV cameras. Candidate’s finger print and photograph will be taken at the time of the test and will be matched at the time of admission. Anyone violating the rules of the test center will not be allowed to continue with the test and will automatically be disqualified.

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BITSAT 2018 Application Form

Interested candidates should register their names for BITSAT 2018 by applying in the prescribed application form online. Complete the application form online at and pay the prescribed fees. Also take the printout of the filled-in form for your future reference. The prescribed fee for BITSAT 2018 is Rupee 2450 /- ( two thousand seven hundred fifty ) for male candidates and Rupee  2250 /- ( two thousand two hundred fifty ) for female candidates.

If a candidate chooses Dubai as a test center the application fee for both male and female candidates will be same and will be US $70 ( or Indian Rupee  4500 /- ). Details for payment of fees are available at the admission website while applying online.

Deadline to apply for BITSAT 2018 online along with the fee payment is 5.00pm on 13th March, 2018 ( Tuesday ).

Those who register for the test and reserve test dates have to download the ‘Hall ticket’, alongwith instructions, from BITS admission website as per the schedule given earlier. The tests will be conducted during  16th May, 2018 to  31st May, 2018.

BITSAT 2018 Procedure for Applying for admission :

In addition to applying and appearing for BITSAT 2018, candidates have to also apply for admission to BITS giving details of their 12th marks and preferences to different degree programmes offered. The prescribed application form for admission, the detailed application procedure, details of academic flexibilities such as Dual Degree, Transfer etc; admission modality and the final list of Degree programmes offered will be available at the BITS admission website, by 1st May, 2018. The completed form with the required application fee has to be submitted so as to reach the under-mentioned on or before 5.00 PM on 18th June, 2018.

The Dean ( Admissions )
Admissions Office
BITS, Pilani – 333 031

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BITSAT 2018 Test Centres

In order to facilitate a large number of students all over India to participate in BITSAT 2018, apart from Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses of BITS where it is expected that a large number of students will take the test, the Institute is also planning to offer the tests at dedicated test centers in several other cities. The planned test centers are in the following cities:

1Agra18Hyderabad Campus of BITS35Pune
2Ahmedabad19Hyderabad City36Raipur
11Dubai Campus of BITS
( International centre )
13Goa Campus of BITS30Nagpur47Agartala
17Gwalior34Pilani campus of BITS

The candidate can choose the centers from within India or Dubai. If a candidate chooses centers within India, he / she will be asked to give three preferences and will be allotted one out of these three. If a candidate chooses Dubai as a center, he / she will not be asked for any other center preference and will be allotted Dubai center only.
The final list of test centers in India and the operating days at each center in India and Dubai will depend on the number of applicants and their preferences and will be announced only after all the applications are received and candidates will be informed of the same through BITS admission website, so that the candidates can choose their date and slot for the test as per their convenience and availability of slots in any of these centres.

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BITSAT 2018 Syllabus

The BITSAT 2018 test will be conducted on the basis of  NCERT syllabus for 11th and 12th class. The detailed syllabus is given in the Annexure. Candidates may refer to the NCERT textbooks for the contents. A sample test demonstrating the features of BITSAT 2018 will be made available to the registered candidates at the BITS admission website on which he / she can practice as many times as desired

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BITSAT 2018 Results

BITSAT 2018 Result Date : BITSAT 2018 Entrance Exam Results likely to be declared in the month of  June, 2018.

Email Registration for BITSAT Entrance Exam Results 2018

Please keep watching this page, to check your BITSAT Entrance Results 2018…

BITSAT 2018 Score Report 

At the completion of the test, the computer will announce the result to the candidate in terms of number of total correct answers and wrong answers, with the score. The candidate can also check and print his score report at the BITS admission website after all the tests are completed. No student will be allowed to repeat the test in the same year.

BITSAT 2018 Merit List for Admission :

As explained earlier, a candidate who will appear or has appeared in BITSAT 2018 is eligible for admission only if he / she gets the required minimum marks in the Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects of 12th examination as per the eligibility criteria described already. All candidates who have appeared ( or are planning to appear ) in BITSAT-2018 and are interested in admission will be required to submit Admission application with 12th marks and preferences to different degree programmes offered at Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad
campuses, starting from 1st May, 2018 till 18th June, 2018. Admission decisions ( Iteration 1 results) will be announced on 20th June 2018. Further details about different iterations will be announced on the admission website

The merit position of such eligible candidates ( i.e., those who have appeared in BITSAT 2018 and who have submitted the application for admission in the prescribed form with 12th marks, preferences and the required fees ) will be prepared on the basis of their scores in BITSAT 2018. There will be two separate merit lists prepared for admission. One for all the programmes except the B.Pharm. and, the other only for B.Pharm. The cases of bracketing, if any, will be dealt with as described below:

When the score of two candidates are the same, first their scores obtained in Mathematics / Biology ( For B.Pharm ) in BITSAT 2018 will be considered for separating them, If the tie still exists, then their scores in Physics in BITSAT 2018 will be considered for separating them. Further tie is eliminated using their scores in Chemistry. Finally, their PCM / PCB ( for B.Pharm ) total marks in 12th examination will be considered for their separation.

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BITSAT 2018 Important Dates

1Deadline to apply for BITSAT 201813th March, 2018 ( 5.00pm )
2Revision / editing in the application form by candidates15th March, 2018 to 19th March, 2018
3Test center allotment and announcement to candidates21st March, 2018
4Candidates to reserve Test date and slot23rd March, 2018 to 5th April, 2018
5Candidates to download the Hall tickets with instructions12th April, 2018 to 10th May, 2018
6BITSAT Online tests16th May, 2018 to 31st May, 2018
7Apply for admission with 12th marks and Preferences1st May, 2018 to 18th June, 2018
8Admit List and Wait List announcement20th June, 2018

Contact Details

BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus,
Vidya Vihar, Pilani – 333 031,
Rajasthan, India,
Telephone No. : +91 1596 245073/4,
Fax No. : +91 1596 245073/4,
Website :

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