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ICAR AIEEA UG Counselling 2015

ICAR AIEEA UG Counselling Method 2015

ICAR AIEEA UG 2015 Counselling

I. Method of Selection and Admission through Counseling

1. ICAR AIEEA UG Method of Selection :

i) The candidate declared / notified as qualified for ICAR AIEEA UG counseling, based on the merit – rank, shall report for counseling as per Counseling schedule. Candidate shall forfeit the claim for admission if he / she, in – person or through Authorized representative, does not report for counseling. Candidate who has not been declared / notified as qualified for counseling, shall not be considered for admission on ICAR seats in any Agricultural University at any stage.

ii) Candidate will be recommended for admission in the subject / degree program of choice in the Agricultural Universities on the basis of merit in the ICAR UG entrance examination and availability of seats at his / her merit – rank during counseling.

iii) List of original documents with self – attested photocopies, photographs to be produced at the time of counseling is as under :

  1. All certificates and mark sheets / grade reports, in original related to Class X and XII, Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate, Character Certificate from the School last attended.
  2. In case of candidates from SC, ST and non – creamy layer of OBC categories, Original Certificate as per
    Central Government requirements and issued by Competent Authority
  3. Medical Certificate in case of Physically Handicapped ( PH ) candidates issued by Medical Officer of any Government Hospital with description of the kind and the degree of disability.
  4. In case the Date of Birth is not mentioned in Class X Certificate, Date of Birth ( DOB ) Certificate.
  5. Candidates copy of the Admit Card, counseling call / invitation letter from ICAR.
  6. Three recent and clear passport size colour photographs same as pasted on the Application Form.
  7. Domicile certificate.
  8. Authority letter / undertaking in the prescribed format, if the candidate is unable to attend the counseling personally.

2. Admission through ICAR UG Entrance Exam Counseling

i) The candidates qualified for counseling and called for consideration for provisional admission to the Agricultural Universities would be generally larger than the number of seats available, provided they have achieved a minimum of 50% marks for General and UPS categories and a minimum of 40% marks for SC / ST / PH categories in the Entrance examination. For OBC, it will be as per Supreme Court directives in this regard. The competent authority may relax the minimum qualifying marks in case the required number of candidates to be called for counseling are not available.

ii) In caseof offline counselling ( Personal apperaence ), the candidate, invited for counseling, will have to fill a prescribed Counseling Form at the time of counseling. Candidate should give his / her options for choice of subject / degree program and University in order of preference and present the same at the counselling desk when his / her name and rank s announced through mike.

iii) The candidate or authorized representative called for counseling ( personal appearance ) should bring the counseling intimation letter issued / downloaded from ICAR website, Admit Card, All Original Certificates with Mark – sheets, SC / ST / PH / UPS / OBC Category Certificate etc. in original for verification and submission. An amount of Rupee 2,000/- ( Rupees Two Thousand only ) in Cash, should also be brought as part admission fee to be deposited with the Registrar of the allotted university.

iv) Authorized representative should also bring the duly filled-in Authority Letter, attested by competent authority. One individual shall not act as representative for more than two candidates.

v) Candidate, not fulfilling the eligibility condition (s) at the time of counseling, will forfeit claim for admission and will not be considered for seat allocation. Candidature in such cases shall be rejected summarily. No correspondence shall be entertained thereafter in this regard.

vi) In view of the limited time availability for counseling at the counseling desk, each candidate is advised to keep a ready list of options, in case the filled in options of the candidate have been exhausted by the time candidate reaches the counseling desk. Candidate taking more time at the counseling desk may be asked to come at the end of the queue so that time of the remaining candidates is not wasted. In that case, the candidate shall lose claim of seat at his / her merit – rank.

vii) In case, all seats in a subject at the University opted for, are exhausted by the time candidate reaches counseling desk, he / she shall have the option to provide fresh choices of subject / university, wherever the seat is available. The candidate shall have no claim for change of subject/University thereafter.

viii) Against total number of ICAR seats available for a particular degree program in a university, not more than 40% of ICAR seats from one State would be allocated to any one university in that subject under a particular category. While computing 40% number, mathematical method of rounding to the nearest integer would be adopted except where there is only one seat, in which case, the whole seat would be allocated.

ix) Candidate reporting late for counseling beyond the time specified on the specified counseling date, may be considered for admission on the counseling date, subject to valid / acceptable reason for late reporting, only out of the subjects & Universities available at the time of his / her actual counseling. He / she will lose any claim for seat at his / her merit-rank due to -  late reporting.

x) The fact that a candidate or his / her representative has appeared for Counseling, will not ensure admission unless a seat at the rank of the candidate for Counseling is available and he / she meets all eligibility requirements.

xi) It should be noted carefully that ICAR allocates the University, whereas the choice of College within the University allotted shall be regulated by the University itself. Candidate may not approach ICAR, thereafter, for any specific College within the allotted University.

xii) In case a candidate has been allotted a university and subject at the time of counseling and the same has been accepted by the candidate, any request for change / transfer of subject / university thereafter, will not be entertained by ICAR. The candidate, once admitted in a degree program as per his / her merit – rank and availability of seat at the time of counseling, will not stake claim for change of subject / University later on after his / her counseling is over.

xiii) All candidates or their authorized representatives reporting for Counseling will be required to submit original certificates and mark sheets to the Registrar of the allotted University, otherwise admission may not be granted. All original certificates submitted by the candidates may be sent to their respective Boards for verification. In case a candidate wishes to withdraw the original certificates after the admission, he / she shall directly request the allotted University for the same.

xiv) If any candidate fails to deposit the part admission fee and original certificates as required, the admission would not be granted and candidate would forfeit his / her claim for admission.

xv) In case any particular Board is not recognized or has been derecognized by some university, ICAR will not be responsible for admitting students of that Board in the universities not willing to admit such candidates.

3. ICAR Admission through Waitlist ( in case of offline counselling only )

i) The candidate, who has attended the Counseling, but due to non-availability of subject / University of his / her choice, has not accepted admission during the counseling but desires admission later on out of any consequential vacancy, should submit request for admission through waitlist in a Wait – List proforma which shall be provided at the time of counseling.

ii) The request for admission through Wait List will be considered as per his / her choice, provided vacancy arises in the subject / university within the time limit of studentregistration for admission at that university.

iii) If the candidate does not submit such a waitlist request at the time of counseling, it will be presumed that he / she is no more interested in admission on ICAR seats and no request received thereafter, will be considered.

iv) It may be noted that a candidate who has been allotted a seat during counseling is not allowed to opt for waitlist vacancies.

v) The waitlist will be sent by the ICAR directly to the concerned university which may invite the candidate in case the vacancy arises by the last date of registration for particular Academic Session. Candidate shall not correspond with ICAR in this regard.

vi) Candidate should further note that mere submission of wait-list proforma request does not guarantee admission unless seats fall vacant in his / her choice of university/subject within the time schedule for registration / admission.

4. Filling of Vacant Seats after the ICAR Counseling

i) ICAR seats, if remain vacant, even after filling up with waitlisted candidates, shall automatically stand released to the Agricultural University concerned for filling up at their level and as per the procedure in vogue by the respective university. These seats will no more be called as ICAR seats and will be treated as university seats. Once the counseling / admission process, including the waitlisted candidates, is over, filling up of any subsequent vacancies created due to nonreporting of candidates or any other reason, shall not be the responsibility of ICAR. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained either from the universities or from any candidate

ii) The candidate admitted provisionally to an Agricultural University through ICAR examination, shall have to report to the concerned Agricultural University on the date of registration, as notified by the concerned University. The candidate is, therefore, advised to be in constant touch with the University allotted. Date of joining / registration at the university must be enquired from the university official present during the counseling and carefully noted.

iii) No correspondence from the candidates / guardians / parents will be entertained for seeking permission for late registration / admission in the universities or issuing any direction in this regard.


ICAR AIEEA UG Counselling Schedule 2015

Schedule of ICAR AIEEA UG Counselling 2015

II. Tentative Schedule for Counseling / Personal Appearance

Tentative Schedule for Counseling / Personal Appearance of Qualified Candidates for Admission to Bachelor Degree Courses in Agriculture and Allied Subjects Other Than Veterinary Science AIEEA UG 2015.

Date of Personal Appearance / Counseling Counseling for Stream ( as per overall Merit Rank ) 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM #
Overall Merit Rank
2.00 PM to 6.00 PM #
Overall Merit Rank
June, 2015 STREAM - B ( Maths Group )
( All UPS, PH, ST and SC ) & ( General + OBC upto 300 )
( Math ) ( All UPS, PH, ST and SC )
( General + OBC ) 1 - 300
June, 2015STREAM - B ( Maths Group )
( General + OBC )
301 - 575
576 - 875
June, 2015STREAM - B ( Maths Group )
( General + OBC )
STREAM - A ( Biology / Agri. Group ) ( UPS / PH / ST )
876 and onward
( Bio / Agri )
( All UPS, PH & ST )
June, 2015STREAM - A ( Biology / Agri. Group )
( All SC & General + OBC )
( All SC )
( General + OBC ) 1 - 250
June, 2015STREAM - A
( General + OBC )
251 - 550551 - 800
June, 2015 STREAM - A
( General + OBC )
801 - 11501151 - 1425
June, 2015STREAM - A
( General + OBC )
1426 - 17501751 - 2000
June, 2015STREAM - A
( General + OBC )
2001 - 23002301 - 2600
June, 2015 STREAM - A
( General + OBC )
2601 - 29502951 - 3250
June, 2015STREAM - A
( General + OBC )
3251 - 36003601 - 3950
June, 2015STREAM - A ( General + OBC )3951 - 47004701 and onwards + any left over candidate* who could not attend the counseling on date and scheduled time due to any reasons.
# or till the counseling is over for the day.

1. The above ICAR counseling schedule is tentative and is subject to change. Any change in the venue / schedule of counseling will be placed on ICAR website : www.icar.org.in. The SC / ST candidates who do not wish to take admission in their respective reserve category may opt for counseling with General + OBC category.

2. Candidates are advised to book their journey tickets to New Delhi for counseling accordingly as soon as the result is declared, and if they are declared qualified to be called for counseling.

3. * Such candidates will be allotted the seat and the university against any unfilled seat if available. Their counseling will be undertaken only after the counseling is over for all the candidates who have reported on scheduled date and time. Mere reporting for the counseling on this date does not necessarily guarantee the admission.

4. In case the seats are exhausted before all the candidates called for personal appearance are covered, the allocation will be stopped and the council will not be responsible for the non – availability of seats and nonallotment to the rest of the candidates on this account.

5. Candidate will have to deposit part admission fee of Rupee 2,000/- ( Rupees Two Thousand only ) in Cash and also submit the original certificates to the Registrar of the University as soon as the seat is allocated on the day of Counseling. Candidate is advised to take the receipt of the deposits as well as enquire about the date of reporting for registration at the Agricultural University from the Registrar. The balance amount of fee would have to be deposited by the candidate to the University on the date of registration as prescribed by the University for the purpose. Failure to deposit part admission fee and certificates to the allocated University will forfeit his / her claim for admission. Reserved category candidates must produce the required certificates in original and in the prescribed format. Any temporary or permanent withdrawal of original certificates will be governed as per the concerned University rules. ICAR has no objection if certificates are returned to the candidate after verification. In case of OBC candidates availing the benefits of reservation in Central Educational Institutions/Universities, the candidate will also be required to produce a Central OBC certificate issued by the competent authority and satisfy following criteria :

  • Sub – caste must tally with the Central list of OBC.
  • Candidate should not belong to creamy layer.

The proof of non – creamy layer and three years income tax returns of their parents shall be verified by the University authority before their admission ( Original certificates have to be produced ). Therefore, candidates while coming for counseling need to bring with them all the above required documents in original as well as photocopies thereof along with part fee in cash and counseling intimation issued by the ICAR. The counseling of OBC candidates will be done along with the candidates of general category at their overall merit rank for reserved seats as applicable at the time of counseling in the Central Educational Institutions / Universities.

6. Candidate should note that after allotment of the seat, no refund of part fee will be made in case he / she withdraws admission for any reason.

7. The reporting time for the candidates will be 30 minutes before ( 8.30 A.M. / 1.30 P.M. ) the specified time of counseling In case of late reporting by the candidates for counseling due to any reason, he / she will lose claim of admission due at his/ her rank. However, such candidate may be considered for admission against left out seats at the time of reporting. No claim or compensation for problems ( if any ) encountered or cost incurred in attending the counseling will be entertained by the ICAR / Universities. While reporting for the counseling candidate must ensure that all the eligibility conditions laid down in the Information Bulletin are fulfilled including the age limit, percentage of marks, relevant certificates etc. ICAR / University will not be responsible for denial of admission to non-eligible candidates.

8. Candidates are advised to remain in touch with ICAR website for any change in schedule / notices / circulars etc. In case the letters are issued and not received by the candidates due to postal delay or any other reasons in time, ICAR shall not be responsible for it. Candidates can download counselling letter from the ICAR website.


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