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National Institute of Design Results 2018

NID Ahmedabad 2018 Exam Date :

National Institute of Design Entrance Exam Result will be conducted on 07th January, 2018

NID Ahmedabad 2018 Result Date :

NID Ahmedabad M.Des 2018 Result will be Released on 13th March, 2018.

NID Ahmedabad B.Des & GDPD Result 2018 will be declared on 15th February, 2018.

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122 thoughts on “NID Ahmedabad Results 2018

  1. My son having 90 th position in final result of bdes.Now how I know about his selection in bdes of 2016

  2. where can i see list of names of all da students selected in final phase of NID 2015

  3. I have lost my candidate ID/hall ticket. how do i see my b.des NID result now?


  5. Animation Film Design NID 2015-16 result is still not out….Whats wrong….Can people with candidate id like this “AFxxxxxx” see their result?

  6. Results of M.des is declared but i am not able to get webpage of result ,textbox gets blank does anyone have same issue ?

  7. i forgot my candidate id ,so please tell me how to know my result for M-des 2015-16.

  8. B.Des is out, I’m guessing M.Des results will come out tomorrow …. fingers crossed

  9. Did anyone get the Nid call letter for second phase??if yes..plzz mention it below

  10. NID says the results are to be declared by the end of March. It’s either today,which is very unlikely, or on Monday the 30th of March. All the best everyone

  11. Will the result ever be declared ?
    How and when are we supposed to prepare for the next phase!?

  12. I checked with NID admissions office, results expected by march end. This info should have been declared earlier on the admission website itself.

  13. why can’t they just tell the dates already, this is really frustrating and amazingly this is just first stage for masters applicants!!

  14. i just called NID today they said now results will declare on 30th of march….dnt know which date is confirm now…

  15. I had called them up a few days back. They said the results will be out by the 25th of March’15. Let’s hope they don’t delay it further

  16. when are these guys going to post the results.If any body gets information plz do contact.and by the way…………………..its almost the end of the month they better announce the results than keep us waiting like this,its frustrating.

  17. Am I only one who feels like an 11 year old, waiting for the Hogwarts letter here? -_-
    Oh these results…

  18. results are going to declare till 31st march ..before declaration you will get your call letter posted…..

  19. result is going to declare till 31 march.if the results declare you will get your 2nd phase result posted to your home…

  20. Is there something wrong in selection/declaration of results, or they are not finding ways to declare results- so many excellent candidates in waiting.Why so late…?

  21. when on earth are they planning to announce the NID 2015-16 results? Desperately waiting for the results.

  22. When will they release the results? This is frustrating. Please let know if anyone got in touch with the university. Thanks

  23. *2014 -_-
    Anyways..I called up NID and they told me that the results will be out by the end of March (YEAH, I know how it feels). Maybe they were just trying to budge me off :/

  24. And the BRDS site just changed it from 2015 to 2014. Phew! That was scary.
    I swear to God, that site said 162 students qualified GDPD 2015 (still counting…)
    It was hell scary.

  25. How is BRDS displaying no of students selected in NID first phase?? and still counting ??? where are they counting from???

  26. Why does the BRDS site says 336 students qualified the first phase? It’s freaking me out.

  27. GUYS!The nid website clearly said the results will be out on March 11th which is today if it is postponed, please let us know asap!

  28. Waiting fir the results to be declared. A tentative date for the result has not been mentioned on the website.please let us know if any progress has been made with the results

  29. It’s high time now,6 march and no sign of results!! :O πŸ™
    plz tell if anyone knows,the correct date of result.plz.

  30. The NID people should at least mention a tentative date of declaration of results for UG entrance exam 2015 on the official website for benefit of the aspiring students.

  31. The NID people should at least mention a tentative date of declaration of results for UG entrance exam 2015 on the official website.

  32. February 2015 is gone.. when will they declared the result?? Anyone has any idea about the result??

  33. I’ve heard the result will only be announced on the second week of March! Good luck guys!BTW, I’m not sure if what I’ve heard is genuine.

  34. looking @ last year, first phase results should be out by 10th-15th of March…
    Best of Luck to all of you!!!

  35. when will the 2015 results be out? can someone post an approximate date around which the results will be released?

  36. Waiting patiently for the Results of NID entrance Exams for UG course conducted on 10th January, 2015 session

  37. NID’s website says that it is to be declared today. Are they really posting it today?

  38. How do I confirm if my child has got through your entrance exams(Jan 20th 2013) or not.Please reply soon.

  39. No. All the students will be studying the same course (foundation), and after the completion of the first year, you will be given the chance to get in the desired course.

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