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ASRB ARS NET Entrance Exam 2019

The Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board ( ASRB ) will hold NET(I) – 2019 Examination during 06th April, 2019 to 13th April, 2019 in Online mode at 23 Centres across India in a staggered slot-wise examination format as per the Rules and Scheme of Examination indicated in this notification. The ARS-2018 ( Mains ) Examination will be conducted on 24th June, 2019. Candidates are advised to read the notification carefully before filling the Online Application Form.

National Eligibility Test ( NET ) is a qualifying examination for determining eligibility for the position of Lecturer /Assistant Professor in the State Agricultural Universities ( SAUs ) and other Agricultural Universities ( AUs ). Candidates clearing the National Eligibility Test will be eligible to apply for the post of Lecturers or Assistant Professors in the SAUs /AUs. NET certificates will be issued by the ASRB to the qualified candidates to enable them to apply against vacancies to be notified or advertised by the State Agricultural Universities /Agricultural Universities. SAUs /AUs will satisfy themselves with regard to fulfilment of prescribed eligibility condition / criterion for requisite posts of Lecturers / Assistant Professors including authenticity of the NET Certificate in the possession of the candidates.

ASRB NET Educational Qualification 2019

A candidate must possess a Master’s degree or equivalent in the concerned Discipline and specialization completed on or before 24th June,  2019 from any Indian University incorporated by an Act of Central or State Legislature in India or other educational institution established by an Act of Parliament or declared to be deemed University under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 or he / she must have qualification from a foreign University recognized as equivalent by the Government of India ( Gol ).

The list of disciplines and its prescribed educational qualifications are as given

Code No.DisciplineEligibility Qualifications
01Agricultural BiotechnologyMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Biotechnology / Molecular Biology & Bio-Technology / Genetic Engineering / Botany / Plant Sciences / Life Sciences / Plant Physiology with specialization in Plant Biotechnology
02Agricultural EntomologyMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Entomology / Zoology / Sericulture / Apiculture / Plant Protection with specialization in Agricultural Entomology
03Agricultural MicrobiologyMaster’s degree in Agricultural Microbiology /Microbiology/Plant Physiology.
04Economic Botany & Plant Genetic ResourcesMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Botany / Horticulture/Plant Physiology with specialization in Agricultural Botany / Economic Botany / Plant Genetic Resources.
05Genetics & Plant BreedingMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Agricultural Botany / Plant Breeding or Genetics or Genetics and Plant Breeding/Plant Physiology / Plant Genetic Resources
06NematologyMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Nematology / Entomology / Plant Pathology / Zoology / Plant Protection with specialization in Nematology
07Plant BiochemistryMaster’s degree in Plant Biochemistry / Agricultural Biochemistry/ Biochemistry with specialization in plants.
08Plant PathologyMaster’s degree in Agriculture/ Botany / Life Sciences / Plant Protection with specialization in Plant Pathology / Mycology.
09Plant PhysiologyMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Plant Physiology / Botany with specialization in Plant Physiology.
10Seed Science & TechnologyMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Seed Science / Seed Technology or Seed Science and Technology / Plant Physiology.
11Floriculture & LandscapingMaster’s degree in Floriculture / Agriculture or Horticulture / Plant Genetic Resources with specialization in Floriculture and Landscaping / Post Harvest Technology ( Horticulture ).
12Fruit ScienceMaster’s degree in Pomology / Agriculture or Horticulture / Plant Genetic Resources with specialization in Fruit Sciences / Post harvest Technology ( Horticulture ).
13Spices, Plantation & Medicinal & Aromatic PlantsMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Horticulture / Botany / Plant Genetic Resources with specialization in Spices / Plantation Crops and / or in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / Post Harvest Technology ( Horticulture ).
14Vegetable ScienceMaster’s degree in Olericulture / Vegetable Sciences / Agriculture or Horticulture / Plant Genetic Resources with specialization in Vegetable Sciences / Post Harvest Technology ( Horticulture ).
15Animal BiochemistryMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal Sciences / Dairy / Fishery Science with specialization in Biochemistry.
16Animal BiotechnologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal / Fishery Science with specialization in Biotechnology
17Animal Genetics & BreedingMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Animal Genetics and Breeding.
18Animal NutritionMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Animal Nutrition.
19Animal PhysiologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Animal Physiology
20Animal Reproduction & GynaecologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Animal Reproduction and Gynaecology.
21Dairy ChemistryMaster’s degree in Dairy Chemistry / Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Dairy Chemistry.
22Dairy MicrobiologyMaster’s degree in Dairy Microbiology / Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Dairy Microbiology.
23Dairy TechnologyMaster’s degree in Dairy Technology or Dairy Science / Animal Products Technology / Food Technology with specialization in Dairy Technology
24Livestock Product TechnologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Livestock Products Technology.
25Livestock Production ManagementMaster’s degree in Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Livestock Production Management / Animal Husbandry.
26Poultry ScienceMaster’s degree in Poultry Sciences / Veterinary / Animal Sciences with specialization in Poultry Sciences.
27Veterinary MedicineMaster’s degree in Veterinary Medicine / Veterinary Preventive Medicine / Veterinary Clinical Medicine.
28Veterinary MicrobiologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary Sciences with specialization in Microbiology / Bacteriology / Virology / Mycology / Immunology.
29Veterinary ParasitologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology.
30Veterinary PathologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary Pathology
31Veterinary PharmacologyMaster’s degree in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology / Veterinary Pharmacology.
32Veterinary Public HealthMaster’s degree in Veterinary Public Health / Epidemiology
33Veterinary SurgeryMaster’s degree in Veterinary Surgery / Veterinary Anatomy
34AquacultureMaster’s degree in Aquaculture / Fishery Sciences / Marine Biology / Aquatic Biology with specialization in Mariculture / Aquatic Environmental Management / Aquatic Ecology / Inland Aquaculture.
35Fisheries Resource ManagementMaster’s degree in Fishery Sciences / Fisheries Resource Management / Marine Biology / Aquatic Environmental Management / Aquatic Biology / Industrial Fisheries with specialization in Fisheries Resource Management / Fish Population Dynamics / Fishery Hydrography / Ecosystem Management / Aquatic Ecology.
36Fish Processing TechnologyMaster’s degree in Fishery Sciences / Fish Processing Technology / Post Harvest Technology / Industrial Fisheries with specialization in Fish Harvest and Processing.
37Fish NutritionMaster’s degree in Fishery Sciences with specialization in Fish Nutrition and Fish Physiology/ Feed Technology / Fish Nutrition and Biochemistry.
38Fish HealthMaster’s degree in Fishery Sciences / Marine Biology with specialization in Fish Health / Fish Pathology / Microbiology
39Fish Genetics & BreedingMaster’s degree in Fishery Sciences / Marine Biology with specialization in Fish Genetics and Breeding / Fish Biotechnology
40Agricultural ChemicalsMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Agricultural Chemicals / Organic Chemistry with specialization in Agricultural Chemicals.
41Agricultural MeteorologyMaster’s degree in Agricultural Meteorology / Agricultural Physics with specialization in Agricultural Meteorology
42AgroforestryMaster’s degree in Forestry / Agroforestry / Botany / Agronomy / Horticulture with specialization in Agroforestry.
43AgronomyMaster’s degree in Agriculture with specialization in Agronomy / Soil Water Management / Conservation Agriculture / Farming Systems Management / Forage Production / Water Science and Technology.
44Environmental ScienceMaster’s degree in Environmental Science / Agroforestry / Agricultural Physics / Agriculture with specialization in Environmental Science.
45Soil SciencesMaster’s degree in Agriculture / Soil Sciences / Agricultural Chemistry / Agricultural Physics with specialization in Soil Physics and Soil and Water Conservation / Soil Fertility / Soil Microbiology / Soil Chemistry / Water Science and Technology.
46Agricultural Business ManagementMaster’s degree in Agricultural Business Management / Agricultural Marketing / Business Management with specialization in Agricultural Business / Fisheries Business Management
47Agricultural EconomicsMaster’s degree in Agricultural Economics / Dairy Economics / Veterinary Economics / Fisheries Economics with specialization in Agriculture
48Agricultural ExtensionMaster’s degree in Agricultural Extension / Veterinary Extension / Dairy Extension / Fisheries Extension / Home Science Extension / Agriculture Communication in Agricultural Sciences / Rural Development / Rural Management
49Agricultural StatisticsMaster’s degree in Agricultural Statistics / Computer Application in Agriculture / Bio-Informatics / Statistics with specialization in Agriculture.
50Home ScienceMaster’s degree in Home Science with specialization in Family Resource Management / Textile and Clothing / Child Development / Foods and Nutrition.
51Farm, Machinery & PowerMaster’s degree in Agricultural Engineering / Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Farm Machinery and Power.
52Computer Applications & ITMaster’s degree in Computer Application / Information Technology / Information Technology & Communication / Computer Science.
53Land & Water
Management Engineering
Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering / Civil Engineering with specialization in Soil and Water Conservation / Irrigation and Drainage / Water Resources / Hydrology / Aquatic Engineering / Water Science and Technology.
54BioinformaticsMaster’s degree in Bioinformatics or in any basic science with specialization in Bioinformatics.
55Food TechnologyMaster’s degree in Food Science / Food Technology / Food Science and Technology / Post Harvest Technology
56Agricultural Structure and Process Engineering Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering with specialization in Agricultural Structures / Aquaculture Engineering. Or
Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering with specialization in Agricultural Process Engineering / Food Process Engineering / Dairy Engineering.
57Veterinary Anatomy ( only for NET ) Master’s degree in Veterinary Anatomy


ASRB NET Age Limit 2019

A candidate must have attained the age of 21 years as on 01st August, 2019. There is no upper age limit for the National Eligibility Test.

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