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Competence in Software Technology Examination (CST) 2008

CST is a nation-wide examination conducted annually for graduates in any field by C-DAC, Mumbai [formerly National Centre for Software Technology (NCST)], a scientific R&D Institution of Govt. of India, Dept. of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

C-DAC, Mumbai and Electronics City, Bangalore, formerly known as National Centre for Software Technology (NCST), operate from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Bangalore.

The Competence in Software Technology (CST) examination was launched by the erstwhile National Centre for Software Technology, now C-DAC, in September 1994. It is conducted every year since then.

CST 2008 like all the earlier conducted CST examinations is a multipurpose examination that offers several options to those who take it. These are described below.

1. Admission to FPGDST 2008 if you have taken CST 2007 or are taking CST 2008- (use Form A1 -CST 2008 and Form A2 – CST 2007 to apply)
2. Admission to PGDST 2008 course to be run by Educational affiliates of CDAC -(use Form A1 -CST 2008 and Form A2- CST 2007 to apply)
3. Admission in reputed institutions/university courses ( list given below) – (Use Form A1 to apply)
4. Job opportunities at CDAC centres – (Use Form A1 to apply)
5. Admission to (FPGDST) for those who had taken the CST 2007 test based on their CST2007 scores– Use Form A2 to apply.
6. Opportunity to improve the scores for those who have taken CST 2007 – (Use Form A1 to apply). The candidate has to take the entire CST 2008 examination and the best score in individual papers will be taken while providing score reports.
7. Dissertation Project fellowships at CDAC

Taking CST examination also enables one to:-

8. To obtain standardised scores which they can use while applying for employment in the IT industry.
9. To obtain standardised scores which can be used in seeking admission to post-graduate courses of other educational institutions


Date & Time of CST 2008

CST 2008 Examination Date: Sunday, January 27, 2008

Examination Timings:

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