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JLPT 2019 Exam Date

The Japanese – Language Proficiency Test ( JLPT ) will be held both in Japan and abroad to evaluate and certify the Japanese language proficiency of non – native speakers.

( Not being present by this time, examinees will not be allowed to take the first test section. In this case, the examinees may take the next test sections, although the answers will not be scored and the examinees will not pass the JLPT in 2019 ( July ). )

JLPT Levels Test Sections and Test Hours 2019

Level*Test SectionsTest Hours**Answer Time
N1Language Knowledge ( Vocabulary / Grammar )・Reading12:30 - 14:35110 Min
Listening15:15 - 16:30
60 Min
N2Language Knowledge ( Vocabulary / Grammar )・ Reading12:30 - 14:30
105 Min

15:10 - 16:1550 Min
N3Language Knowledge ( Vocabulary )

12:30 - 13:1530 Min
Language Knowledge ( Grammar )・Reading
13:45 - 15:10
70 Min
15:40 - 16:35
40 Min
N4Language Knowledge ( Vocabulary )

12:30 - 13:1530 Min
Language Knowledge ( Grammar )・Reading13:45 - 15:00
60 Min
15:30 - 16:20
35 Min
N5Language Knowledge ( Vocabulary )
12:30 - 13:10
25 Min
Language Knowledge ( Grammar )・Reading
13:40 - 14:45
50 Min
15:15 - 16:00
30 Min

* For linguistic competence required for each level.

** As for the test hours, read carefully the following conditions

  1. Examinees are not allowed to enter the test room once test hours have begun for any test sections.
  2. Test hours include instruction time etc, in addition to the actual answer time.
  3. The time allotted for the Listening section may differ slightly according to the length of the recorded materials.
  4. After the test, examinees must wait for proctors to finish counting the question booklets and the answer sheets for about 20 min.
  5. On the test date, test time shall be according to the watch of the test proctor of each classroom.

JLPT 2019 Exam Centers

Scheduled test site cities of the July test

  • Japan: 45 prefectures
  • Overseas: 120 cities in 32 countries/areas

JLPT 2019 Application Form

JLPT Application via the Internet

JLPT 2019 Application Procedure : Please apply from the MyJLPT “JLPT Application” screen after registering with My JLPT on the JLPT website of Japan Educational Exchanges and Services ( hereinafter referred to as “JEES” ).

JLPT Test Fee : 5,500 yen ( here in after referred to as “JEES” ).

JLPT Test Fee Payment Methods

Credit card, Bank wire transfer ( Pay – easy ), Payment at a convenience store.

* For group applications, only bank wire transfer is available.
* For overseas applications, only credit card payment is available.

JLPT Application by Mail

JLPT 2019 Application Procedure : Obtain an Application Guide ( Application Forms ) at a bookstore and mail the application form to the Application Center using delivery – certified mail.

* The Application Guide is planned to be available starting mid of March 2019 for 500 yen at bookstores nationwide.
* Information regarding group applications ( available for 10 applicants or more ) will be available on the JEES JLPT website before the start of the application period.

II. JLPT Test Fee : 5,500 yen ( consumption tax included )

III. JLPT Test Fee Payment Methods : Use the attached Payment Form and pay at a post office or Japan Post Bank.

Announcement of Test Results

1. Subjecting those who completed all test sections, pass or fail for each level will be determined based on the overall pass marks and sectional pass marks shown here. A test result will be sent to each examinee and those examinees who successfully pass the test will receive a Certificate of Japanese – Language Proficiency. Those who applied via the Internet can check test results on the Internet on or after the notification date of test results.

2. Official test results as well as the Certificate of Japanese – Language Proficiency will be sent early in September, 2019.

  • Internet applicants can view their test results on the MyJLPT “Test Result and Certificate Issuance” screen from the beginning of September 2019.
  • Notification of the mailing date for Test Results and the date of availability of test results on MyJLPT will be made at the end of August on the JEES website.
  • Internet applicants can change where their Test Results will be mailed to ( Japan only ) after taking the test. Notification regarding the period during which changes will be accepted will be available on MyJLPT.

3. Dispatching test result to an overseas address

If you want to receive the test result at an overseas address, mail the following items 1 and 2 to the Application Center by the end of the overseas dispatch request period below.

  1. a photocopy of your test voucher ( enter your telephone number in a vacant column )
  2. an envelope ( large enough to hold a postcard ) with the required postage stamp affixed ( depending on the country ).

* Write your name, overseas address, and examinee registration number on the 2 envelope.

4. For detailed information about pass / fail, please see this website.

5. For an examinee who takes the JLPT abroad where the Japan Student Services Organization ( JASSO ) does not administer the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, JEES will send the examinee’s score to a university or a junior college upon request, after the notification of test results.

JLPT Important Dates

  • JLPT Test Date : 7th July, 2019
  • JLPT Test room opens from : 12:00 to 12:30
  • JLPT Test starts at 12:30

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