Hamdard Study Circle HSC UPSC Civil Services Examination

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Hamdard Study Circle (HSC) – UPSC Civil Services Examination 2008


Sangam Vihar,

New Delhi – 110062,

Phone: 2604 8848,

Fax: 2604 2030,

E-mail: hscdelhi@hotmail.cortl

Since its inception in 1992 Hamdard Study Circle (HSC) has earned for itself the reputation of being one of the’ premier coaching institutes in the country. So far 202 candidates trained at HSC have made it to the Civil Services.

Inspired by the pioneering efforts of HSC many coaching establishments have been set up for Muslims, inspite of these efforts the percentage of Muslims who succeed in getting into higher Civil Services each year ranges between 2.5, 3.5%.

Realising that a large number of Muslims having potential are not appearing at the UPSC Civil Services Examination, Hamdard study circle has decided to reach out and spot talented young Muslims and nurture them from the very beginning of their Moreover, HSC is revamping itself to bring about a qualitative change in its coaching program from the re Services Prelim Exam 2008 to be held in May 2008.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs has come out with a scheme whereby a stipend of Rs.1500/- per month may be made available to candidates being coached for Civil Services Examination.

HSC has decided to introduce a more stringent procedure and to admit only the most suitable candidates with potential of success.

The Entrance test for the coaching will be held on 25th November 2007 and will also include a Group Discussion and Interview at New Delhi for those short-listed after written examination. The coaching program more rigorous and intensive by raising the level of Academic Associates and enlisting the best faculty available in and around Delhi.

It will lay more stress on sharpening the writing skill and developing analytical approach to situations and problems Provision of Internet facilities to the students, to retrieve required information quickly and group-discussion with competent faculty, media persons and retired and serving Civil Servants will be added features of the revamped coaching. Personality Test coaching will start during preparations for the Prelim examination.


Application form may be obtained by sending a Money Order of Rs. 125/- in the name of Director. Hamdard Study Circle or by hand on payment of Rs. 75/-.

Last Date of Receipt of Application:
Oct 20, 2007

Entrance Test AT: New Delhi, Patna, Guwahati, Chennai, Calicut, and Thiruvananthapuram:
Nov 25, 2007

Group Discussion and Interview at Hsc New Delhi:
Dec 16, 19, 2007

Dec 24-31, 2007

Coaching Starts:
January 1, 2008

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.