Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Admission Test (JAM) 2008

Joint Admission Test to M.Sc. (JAM) – 2008

  • Bombay
  • Delhi
  • Guwahati
  • Kanpur
  • Kharagpur
  • Madras
  • Roorkee

Joint Admission Test to M.Sc (JAM)-2008

Joint Admission Test to M.Sc (JAM)-2008 will be held on March 30, 2008 (Sunday), for admission to M.Sc and other post- B.Sc., programs at IITs for the academic session 2008-2009 JAM-2008 is open to all nationals.

The foreign nationals will be required to satisfy the admission rules for foreign students of the admitting institute(s).

Test Papers: JAM-2008 will have eight Test Papers, namely, Biotechnology (BT). Chemistry (CY), Computer Applications (CA). Geology (GG), Geophysics (GP), Mathematical Statistics (MS). Mathematics (MA) and Physics (PH), each of three hours duration.

The Biotechnology and Computer Applications test papers will be fully Objective type while the other papers will be Objective-cum-Subjective type. A candidate can appear in either one or two test papers subject to the restrictions of test schedule given below, with additional fee for the second test paper.

March 30, 2008 (Sunday) Schedule of Test Papers
0900 hours to 1200 hours CY, CA, GG, MS, PH
1400 hours to 1700 hours BT, GP, MA

Test Papers, Academic Programs and Minimum Educational Qualifications

Test Paper Program Minimum Educational


BT M.Sc Biotechnology
IITB, IITR: Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Science Aquiculture / Pharmacy. Veterinary / Engineering / Medicine (MBBS)
CA Master of Computer Applications
IITR: Bachelor’s degree with Mathematics as a subject for at least one year for annual system candidates / at least two papers of Mathematics for semester system candidates.
CY M.Sc Chemistry

M.Sc Ph D Dual Degree in Energy

IITB- IITD. IITG. IITK. IITKgp, IITM, IITR : Bachelor’s degree with Chemistry as a subject for three years / six semesters and Mathematics at (10+2) level
GG M.Sc Applied Geology

M.Sc Geological Sciences

IITB, IITKgo. IITR: Bachelor’s degree with Geology as a subject for three years. six semesters and any two subjects among Mathematics. Physics, Chemistry and Biological Science. The candidate must have Mathematics at (10+2) level.
GP M.Sc Geophysics
IITKgp: Bachelor’s degree with two subjects among Physics. Mathematics and Geology for at least two years / four semesters each and the remaining one for at least one year / two semesters.
M.Sc Applied Geophysics

M.Tech Applied Geophysics

IITB. IITR: Bachelor’s degree with Mathematics and Physics as subjects and anyone among the following subjects: Chemistry. Geology, Statistics, Electronics and Computer Science.
MA M.Sc, Mathematics

M.Sc Mathematics & Computing

M.Sc Applied Mathematics

M.Sc Industrial Mathematics &


M Sc Ph.D Dual Degree in Energy

IITB. IITD. IITG. IITK. IITKqp. IITM. IITR: Bachelors degree with Mathematics as a subject for at least two years / four semesters.
PH M.Sc Physics

M.Sc Ph.D Dual Degree in Physics

M.Sc-Ph.D Dual Degree in Energy

IITB, IITD, IITG IITK, IITKgp, IITM, IITR: Bachelor’s degree with Physics as a subject for at least two years / four semesters and Mathematics for at least one year / two semesters.
MS M.Sc Statistics

M.Sc Statistics & Informatics.

M.Sc Applied Statistics & Informatics

ITB, IITK, IITKgp: Bachelor’s degree with either Mathematics or Statistics as a subject for at least two years / four semesters.

“This program is available only at IIT Bombay. The minimum educational qualification for this program is Bachelor’s degree with Chemistry or Mathematics or Physics.

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