The Asian College Of Journalism-ACJ- one year Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Journalism

The Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) invites application for admission to its one year Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Journalism. A Deemed draft for Rs.1000 in favour of Media Development Foundation, drawn on a bank in Chennai, must accompany your request. The last date for receiving completed applications is
April 30, 2006. the academic year begins on
July 17, 2006. College graduates in any discipline and students awaiting their degree examination results are eligible to apply. Selection is based on an entrance examination conducted at various centers in India and abroad in late
May 2006 and a personal Interview at the College in Chennai in mid-
June 2006.

The Asian College Of Journalism is the premier institution of journalism education in South Asian offering an intensive and rounded course of study with specialization in print. Television, Radio or News Media. Candidates who successfully complete all requirement will receive a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. The ACJ follows the advanced teaching methods developed in the best journalism education programmes in the world. Adapting these methods to specially Asian conditions, it combines a rigorous academic curriculum intensive practical training. The one year programme spread over three trimesters, is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skills and discernment necessary for ready employment in the profession .Members of the first live ACJ classes have provided to be in high deemed in the media across the country.

Tanning in the
ACJ Print Stream takes students through lectures , class room writing and outside reporting assignments during which they are taught to gather news and to report in clear, accessible English. The curriculum includes instruction in writing leads and stories, editing copy, composing headlines, writing picture captions, cropping photographs, selecting typography, and designing attractive page layouts.

In the
ACJ Television Stream students engage in the whole range of studio and field work for television news and news related programming. They are trained in news preparation and presentation; anchoring interviewing and reporting on camera; and researching and scripting documentaries. They gain practical experience in camera work in the digital format, linear and non-linear editing, video and audio mixing, and the creation of special effects and graphics. A unique offering in this stream is an intensive, hands on course, lasting and run by BBC Worldwide and taught by an experience BBC journalist.

ACJ Radio Stream, being introduced this year in response to the licensing of private FM stations across India and the demand from other South Asian Countries, will prepare the new generation radio professional who can handle digital production and the evolving forms of journalism in this medium. Students will develop an ear for sound and a subset of skills for perspective, layering and mixing. Using mini disc field recorders and Adobe Audition editing software, they will learn to write for radio, to train their voices for the air and to radiocast online.


ACJ New Media Stream trains professionals for the fast-paced world of journalism on the Web, equipping them with the ability to use texts, graphics, audio and video as communication tools. Students acquire writing skills specifically attuned to the Web and learn to use major tools in Web publishing. In addition to the practical training, the New Media course includes modules on new media theory, cyber law, and communication in the digital era.

Through a series of guest lecturers by distinguished scholars, students are introduced to a wide range of intellectual disciplines and taught specialized areas of reporting like legal, business and sports writing. Understanding and covering deprivation is a distinctive part of the curriculum. The ACJ has professional links with reputed institutions in the United Kingdom and the United States. Classes at the College are handled by an accomplished and experienced core faculty and by a number of Indian and international visiting scholars.

The ACJ will help outstation students find suitable accommodation in Chennai.

The ACJ is administered by the Media Development Foundation, a public non profit trust. The Trustees are Sashi Kumar, Journalist, TV anchor and media entrepreneur(Chairman), N.Ram, Editor in Chief, the Hindu, N.Murali, Joint Managing Director, The Hindu : Prof.C.P.Chandresekar, economist and media commentator, and Radika Menon, publisher, tulika

Asian College of Journalism:

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