DNB CET SS Entrance Exam 2018

National Board of Examinations invites application for Diplomate of National Board Centralized Entrance Test Super Specialty ( CET SS 2018 ) for admission to 3 year Post Doctoral ( MD / MS / DNB ) super specialty Program.

DNB CET SS 2018 Eligibility

Candidates who are in possession of post graduate medical degrees / Provisional Pass Certificates by 31st December, 2017 in eligible* specialties and their medical qualifications are recognized as per the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956 or DNB qualifications may apply for DNB – CET SS through online application. Candidates shall have completed his / her 3 years of MD / MS training by 31st December, 2017.

Candidate should possess permanent registration certificate of MBBS qualification and their additional medical qualification should be registered with Medical council of India.

Candidates found to be ineligible at any stage of DNB – CETSS will not be permitted to appear in the examination. In an unlikely event of any ineligible candidate appearing and / or being successful in the DNB – CETSS, the results / candidature of such candidate shall be cancelled and / or are deemed to be cancelled.

Requests for appearing in DNB – CETSS from candidates who are qualifying and getting their results of the basic eligibility qualification after 31st December, 2017 shall be summarily rejected.

Candidate who are qualifying and getting their results after 31st December, 2017 or likely to qualify after 31st December, 2017 need not apply in the DNB – CETSS exam as they shall be ineligible to participate at any stage of the admission process.

Candidates already pursuing a DM / MCh or DNB course are not eligible to appear for the DNB CETSS till such time they have completed the duration of prescribed course or have been discharged from the course.

Registration and / or appearance in DNB-CETSS does not confer any automatic rights upon the candidate for admission at NBE accredited hospital / institute.

Registration with M.C.I. / State Medical Council / is necessary and its documentary proof should be furnished at the time of counseling.

Medical Genetics : NBE has introduce DNB Medical Genetics as 3 years Super Specialty Course from January 2015 Academic Session onwards. Candidates with DNB / MD / MS qualification in General Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology only are eligible to opt for Medical Genetics ( Cut off date for qualification 31st December, 2017 )

For candidates with DNB / MD qualification in Medicine / Pediatrics, the merit list for admission to Medical Genetics Programme shall be derived from DNBCET – SS; Medical & Pediatrics sub group respectively.

Candidates with DNB / MS qualification in Obstetrics & Gynaecology shall appear in the NBE FET ( for the same academic session as DNBCET – SS ) for Obstetrics and Gynaecology discipline. Their FET question paper shall have 100 questions in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and 30 questions in Medical Genetics. The marks obtained in Obstetrics & Gynaecology component ( i.e. out of 100 ) shall be scaled to 180 and a common merit list shall be prepared ( based on performance in 180 + 30 = 210 questions ).

* For list of eligible qualification required for entry to DNB ( Post Doctoral ) courses, candidates are advised to refer to schedule at Annexure B.

DNB CET SS 2018 Exam Scheme

Diplomate of National Board – Centralised Entrance Test – Super Specialty ( DNB – CETSS )

DNB – CETSS is an entrance examination and is an essential pre requisite for entry to post MD / MS / DNB 3 – Year Super Specialty courses. The next session of entrance examination shall be held on 29th November, 2016 and conducted as computer based test only.

The question paper shall comprise of 180 multiple choice questions ( MCQs ) with single correct response to be attempted by candidate in 3 hrs. The questions shall be of the level of Post Graduate Exit Examination. The questions shall cover topics from Applied basic sciences, clinical practice and Recent advances.

Question Paper :

  • Medical Specialties – 180 questions
  • Surgical Specialties – 180questions
  • Pediatric Specialties ( For Neonatology ) – 180 questions
  • For Medical Genetics – Eligible candidates from (I) and (III) above shall in addition undertake 30 MCQ paper in Medical Genetics.

Merit list shall be as follows :

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Pediatrics / Neonatology
  • Medical Genetics combined – Medical / Pediatrics / Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Candidates successful in the DNB – CETSS shall be asked to participate in a Centralized merit based counseling conducted by National Board of Examinations for allotment of DNB seats at NBE accredited Institutions / hospitals / medical colleges in order of their merit and candidate shall be able to opt for the NBE accredited institution / hospital / medical college of their choice as per availability at their merit.

The provisional list of National Board of Examinations accredited institutes where candidates can pursue DNB is available at NBE website www.cetss.natboard.edu.in.

The examination shall be a multiple choice questions exam delivered using computer network as per scheme prescribed.

Negative Marking : There shall be no negative marking.

Allocation of time for the DNB CET SS shall be as follows :

Candidate Entry Time at Reporting Counter9:00 AM
Reporting Counter Entry Closes9:30 AM
Check - in Procedure9:00 AM To 10:00 AM
Exam Start Time including 15 min. Tutorial10:00 AM
Exam End Time1:15 PM

*CETSS – Medical and Neonatology will be a two section tests with both the sections separately timed. The first section comprising of 180 multiple choice questions ( MCQs ) with single correct response is mandatory for all candidates.

The total duration of the first section is 180 minutes. The second section comprising of 30 multiple choice questions ( MCQs ) Medical Genetics is for those candidates Only who wish to pursue DNB – Medical Genetics.

The total duration of the second section is 30 minutes. Total exam time for DNB – CETSS – Medical and Neonatology increases to 210 minutes ( excluding tutorial ).

Once the section one has ended, candidates will be given the option to either quit the test or proceed to the second section. You can choose to quit the test if you are not interested in DNB – Medical Genetics.

Please Note : There is no change in the exam pattern for DNB CETSS Surgical group.

Syllabus : As per the curriculum of the concerned specialty i.e. MD / DNB in Medicine for Medical Super Specialty; MS / DNB in Surgery for Surgical Group; MD / DNB in Pediatrics for Neonatology group.

DNB CET SS 2018 Application Form

  • Registration for appearing in the DNB – CET SS examination is to be undertaken online at the website www.cetss.natboard.edu.in.
  • Application forms Cannot be submitted in offline mode / printed copy by post.
  • Online applications can be accessed and completed till 23:59 hrs on st November, 2017 only.
  • Online Registration and scheduling for DNB CET SS 2018 begins on October, 2017 from 7:00 am onwards.

Instructions for Online Registration :

The online registration & scheduling for DNB CET SS is available via www.cetss.natboard.edu.in Online Registration and scheduling for DNB CET SS 2018 begins on October, 2017 from 7:00 am onwards.

Candidate may note that there is no option for submitting the form other than the online mode.

Candidates are advised to go through the registration guide at website www.cetss.natboard.edu.in before proceeding to complete their registration & scheduling process. Once the candidate has completed his / her registration & scheduling process, there will be no option to for re – registration.

Online registration & Scheduling must be completed by the prescribed cutoff date. At the end of Registration & Scheduling the applicant will get a computer generated acknowledgment at the registered Email ID of the applicant. Admit card will be issued to candidate once the registration and scheduling process is successfully completed. Candidates will be able to print the acknowledgment of submission of online application on successful completion of online application. All fields marked * are mandatory.

Applications of candidates producing false or fabricated information will not be considered and candidates may be further debarred from appearing in any future examinations.

The last date for online registration and scheduling is November, 2017 ( till 11:59 hrs. )

DNB CET SS 2018 Exam Fee

Candidates have to pay the DNB CET SS Examination fee of Rs. 4500/-

The above fee is inclusive of examination fees and information bulletin; The above fee is inclusive of Information Bulletin; Information Bulletin shall be available at website www.cetss.natboard.edu.in.

How to Pay for DNB CET SS

The prescribed registration fee should be remitted through payment gateway provided using a Credit Card or a Debit Card issued by banks in India or net banking. For more information, please visit the website www.cetss.natboard.edu.in.

Candidates remaining absent from the examination will forfeit their examination fee. Candidates are advised to read the rule position carefully and satisfy the terms and conditions for fulfillment of eligibility criteria before proceeding for payment of fees.

Fees Shall Neither be refunded nor Carried Forward If the Application for DNB – CETSS is Rejected / Candidature Is Found To Be Ineligible.

DNB CET SS 2018 Admit Card

At the end of Registration & Scheduling the applicant will get a computer generated acknowledgment at the registered Email ID of the applicant.

Admit card will be issued to candidate once the registration and scheduling process is successfully completed. Candidate is required to print a copy of admit card and affix a latest passport size photograph of the following specifications on the admit card. Candidate is required to bring the admit card to the Test centre along with an identification document as per para Below.

DNB CET SS 2018 Exam Centers

3Bhopal24Navi Mumbai
4Bhubaneswar25New Delhi
6Chennai27Bardoli ( Surat )
12Greater Noida33Varanasi

DNB CET SS 2018 Important Dates

1NBE DNB CET SS 2018 AdvertisementSeptember, 2017
2Online Registration for DNB CET SS examinationOctober, 2017 to November, 2017
3Examination Dates for DNB CET SS21st December, 2017
4 Cut Off date for completing DNB / MD / MS Qualification*December, 2017
5 Declaration of NBE DNB CET SS 2017 ResultsJanuary, 2018

Contact Details

National Board of Examinations,
Medical Enclave, Ansari Nagar,
Mahatma Gandhi Marg ( Ring Road ),
New Delhi – 110 029,
Website : www.cetss.natboard.edu.in.

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