Exams Date : Maharashtra SET Examination Scheme 2014

Maharashtra SET Examination Scheme 2014


Maharashtra SET 2014 Exam Scheme : : Maharashtra SET 2014 Eligibility | Maharashtra SET 2014 Application Form | Maharashtra SET Syllabus 2014

Maharashtra SET 2014 Exam Scheme for December

a) Maharashtra SET will be conducted in Objective Mode. The test will consist of three papers. All the three papers will consist of only objective type questions and will be held on the day of Examination in two separate sessions as under.

Session Paper Number of Questions Marks Duration
I 60 out of which 50 questions are to be attempted 50 x 2 = 100 1 1/4 hours ( 10.00 A.M. to 11.15 A.M. )
First II50 questions all of which are compulsory50 x 2= 1001 1/4 hours ( 11.15 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. )
Second III 75 questions all of which are compulsory 75 x 2 = 150 2 1/2 hours ( 02.00 P.M. to 04.30 P.M. )

Step I :

Minimum marks to be obtained in SET for considering a candidate for the eligibility for lectureship :

The candidates are required to obtain minimum marks separately in Paper – I, Paper – II and Paper – III as given below :

CategoryMinimum Marks (%) to be Obtained
Paper - I Paper - II Paper - III
GENERAL 40 ( 40% ) 40 ( 40% ) 75 ( 50% )
OBC / DT / NT / SBC ( Non Creamy Layer ) ( For Creamy Layer - as per General Category ) 35 ( 35% ) 35 ( 35% ) 67.5 ( 45% ) rounded off to 68
PH / VH / SC / ST35 ( 35% )35 ( 35% )60 ( 40% )

Step II : Amongst those candidates who have cleared step I, a merit list will be prepared subject wise and category – wise using the aggregate marks of all the three papers secured by such candidates.

Step III : Top 15% candidates ( for each subject and category ), from the merit list mentioned under step II, will be declared SET qualified for eligibility for lectureship.

Only such candidates who obtain the minimum required marks in each paper, separately, as mentioned above, will be considered for final preparation of result.

a) Paper – I shall be of general nature, intended to assess the teaching / research aptitude of the candidate. It will primarily be designed to test reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking and general awareness of the candidate. Sixty ( 60 ) multiple choice questions of two marks each will be given, out of which the candidate would be required to answer any fifty ( 50 ). In the event of the candidate attempting more than fifty questions, the first fifty questions attempted by the candidate would be evaluated.

b) Paper – II Shall consist of fifty ( 50 ) objective type compulsory questions based on the subject selected by the candidate. Each question will carry two marks.

c) Paper – III Will consist of 75 objective type compulsory questions from the subject selected by the candidate. Each question will carry two marks.

d) The Candidate will have to mark the responses for questions of Paper – I, Paper – II & Paper – III on the Optical Mark Reader ( OMR ) Sheet provided along with the Test Booklet.

e) The candidate shall have to return the original OMR sheet of Paper – I and II together and Paper – III to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall / room. However, candidates are allowed to carry the Test Booklet of Paper – I, II and III along with duplicate copy ( carbonless copy ) of OMR sheet on conclusion of examination.

f) There will be no negative marking.

g) The syllabus of Paper – I and syllabi of Paper – II and Paper – III for all subjects are available on website wwwsetexam.unipune.ac.in.

Visually Handicap ( Blind ) / Physically Handicapped candidates should attach the Attested copy of Medical Certificate issued by Civil Surgeon.

For visually handicapped ( VH ) candidates 30 minutes extra time shall be provided separately for Paper – I and Paper – II. For Paper – III, 45 minutes extra time shall be provided. They will also be provided the services of a scribe who would be a graduate in a subject other than that of the candidate. Those Physically Handicapped ( PH ) candidates who are not in a position to write in their own handwriting can also avail these services by making prior request ( at least 15 days before the date of examination ) in writing to the Coordinator of the Test Centre. Extra time and facility of scribe would not be provided to other Physically Handicapped candidates.

Blind candidate is advised to request the Coordinator of the Test Centre to provide him / her the services of an amanuensis ( writer ) for the examination at least a 15 days before the date of the examination. They will also be given 30 minutes extra in Paper – I and II each ( First session ) and 45 minutes extra time in Paper – III ( Second session ). Blind candidates are not allowed to bring their own writer.

MSET 2014 December Exam Centers

Maharashtra SET 2014 Dec Examination will be conducted at the following 15 centers only.

S. No.Center NameCenter Code
13. Gadchiroli22
14.Ahmednagar 23
15. Dhule 24

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Maharashtra SET 2014 Exam Scheme | Maharashtra SET 2014 Exam Pattern | Maharashtra SET 2014 Exam Center Details

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