14th Century Largest Hindu Temple of Bali’s was Discovered

14th century Hindu temple Bali’s largest discovered

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the largest ancient Hindu temple ever found in the Indonesian island of Bali.

Construction workers were digging a new drainage basin near a Hindu learning center on Jalan Trengguli, in east Denpasar, when they struck a large stone structure one metre underground, the Jakarta Globe reported.

A large stone plate was excavated , the first of many discovered at the site. The Denpasar Archeology Agency took over the excavation and uncovered an 11-metre-long structure. “We will continue until ( The whole structure is revealed ),” said Wayan Suantika , an official in the agency.

Suantika told reporters that judging by the square structure’s similarity to ancient temples found in east Java, it likely dates back to the 14th century, the paper said. “The strengthener layers in between the stone plates were another characteristic usually found in 13th or 14th century (structures),” he said.

Local residents also found ceramic wares and stone plates at the site, Suantika said. “This discovery is the largest stone temple found in Bali,” he added.