Abhishek Matoria elected as the President of Indian Boxing Federation

Abhishek Matoria elected as the President of Indian Boxing Federation

In a change of guard at the Indian Boxing Federation, Rajasthan BJP MLA Abhishek Matoria was on Sunday elected President of the body while incumbent Abhay Singh Chautala was handed the nominated post of chairman at its annual general meeting ( AGM ).

Left in a fix after the Sports Ministry barred it from making constitutional changes that could have facilitated continuation of the incumbent set of office – bearers, the IBF opted for a slight change of guard at its AGM.

“My name was unanimously elected by the house and having being an athlete myself, I plan to do all that I can to take Indian boxing higher,” Matoria said after his election.

“I have been associated with boxing and have even accompanied the team to the 2007 World Championships in Chicago. Boxing is a sport close to my heart and I will try to ensure that the talent in villages gets exposure at the national level,” said the former Municipal Corporation chairman, who is all of 29.

The elections were overseen by observer Justice MS Liberhan, while ex – judge DK Sharma was there as the presiding officer.

Among other prominent functionaries, serving Secretary General Brig PK Muralidharan Raja was elevated to the post of senior vice – president.

Raja was replaced by Rajesh Bhandari as the new secretary general.

Asked about Chautala being made the nominated Chairman, an IBF official said, “The ministry cannot object to it because it is a nominated position. No rule has been violated as far as the elections were concerned. It has been a transparent exercise.”