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List of Famous Towns


Famous Towns India

Famous Towns and Places in India

1. Agra : Situated on the right bank of the Yamuna. Famous for Taj Mahal, and Nenue of Indo – Pak Summit July 16, 2001.

2. Aizawal : Capital of Mizoram.

3. Ajmer : Famous city of Rajasthan, pilgrimage centre for the Muslims, as the tomb of Khawaja Moin – ud – din Chishti is situated.

4. Aligarh : An important town of U.P., major manufacturing centre of locks, knives, etc.

5. Alipur : Suburb of Kolkata famous for Government mint.

6. Allahabad : Also called Prayag is a city in U.P. situated at the confluence of the Ganga and Jamuna.

7. Amarnath : A famous place of Hindu Pilgrimage, situated at a height of about 13,500 Kashmir.

8. Amritsar : Famous for Golden Temple and a great pilgrimage centre for the Sikhs.

9. Arvi : The tiny village of Arvi near Narayanagaon 80 km. from Pune, figures in the International Commercial Satellite Communication map as India’s First Satellite Station.

10. Aurangabad : Important town of Maharashtra State. Ellora and Ajanta Caves are situated here.General Studies Question Bank CD

11. Ayodhya : Famous for Ram Janam Bhumi, situated on the river Sarayu.

12. Badrinath : A famous Hindu pilgrimage centre in the Himalayas in Uttranchal near Gangotri Glacier.

13. Banaras ( Varanasi ) : An important pilgrimage centre for the Hindus. Famous for silk brocade, seat of the famous Hindu University.

14. Bangalore : Capital of Karnataka, famous for silk manufactures.

15. Buland Darwaja : A high gate in Fatehpur Sikri near Agra built by Akbar.

16. Chennai : A port and capital of Tamil Nadu. A great manufacturing and commercial centre.

17. Cherrapunji : In Meghalaya; the place of heaviest rainfallnearly; 426″ yearly.”

18. Chhatnb : It is small town in the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir across the Indo – Pak border. Champ got a lot of attention from Pakistan forces in 1965 and 1971. Both times, it was the scene of some very hard battles.

19. Cyberabad : The city of Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh acquired the name of Cyberabad with giants like Oracle and Microsoft setting up offices there. A ‘Silicon Valley’ is being developed there.

20. Darjeeling : A world famous tea producing centre of West Bengal.

21. Delhi : Capital of India. A great manufacturing and trading centre. It is famous mostly for the historical buildings.

22. Digboi ( Assam ): Known for rich oil fields.

23. Dum Duin ( W.B. ) : The noted international airport near Kolkata.

24. Eden Garden ( Kolkata ) : Famous stadium for cricket matches.

25. Ellora and Ajanta : Famous for wonderful Buddhist cave temples.

26. Gate way of India : A memorial gate at the Mumbai port, built in 1911.

27. Haridwar ( Uttrakhand ): It is the major centre of pilgrimage for Hindus. It is situated on the banks of Ganges.

28. India Gate : A memorial in Delhi facing the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

29. Jharia : Major Coal mining centre in Bihar.

30. Jalianwala Bagh : A garden in Amritsar, scene of massacre of innocent Indians by the British on April 13, 1919.

31. Khajuraho : Famous for Mahadev temple.

32. Kolkata : Capital of West Bengal, India’s second largest ( population ) city and chief commercial port and also an industrial centre with jute and textile mills. It is also called “the city of palaces.”

33. Qutab Minar : One of the masterpieces of Indian architecture and art in Delhi. It is the biggest minar in the world.

34. Lucknow : Capital of U.P. It is famous for gold and embroidery works.

35. Ludhiana : Located in the Punjab. A major industrial and manufacturing town of India. Known for hosiery, cycle and sewing machine part industries.General Studies Question Bank CD

36. Lumbini : In Nepal Terai, birth place of Lord Budda.

37. Mathura : A holy city in U.P., birth place of Lord Krishna.

38. Mirzapur : In U P. on the Ganges, famous for carpets, brass works and lac.

39. Mount Abu : Hill station in Rajasthan. Famous for Dilwara Jain Temple and Police Training School.

40. Mumbai : Capital of Maharashtra, first big city ( population ) of India and a leading commercial and industrial area. Popularly known as Paris of India.

41. Nagpur : In Maharashtra famous for oranges.

42. Nazi : Situated on river Godavari, pilgrimage centre for Hindus, known for the location of security currency printing press here.

43. Panipat : Famous for 3 battles fought in 1526, 1556 and 1761.

44. Patna : Capital of Bihar. It is the birth place of Guru Gobind Singh.

45. Pimpri : Near Pune, known for Penicillin factory.

46. Pune : It a commercial centre and a military station. A popular health resort in Maharashtra.

47. Port Blair : Capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

48. Pokhran : A place in Rajasthan desert where the first underground nuclear experiment was made by India on May 18, 1974. It also witnessed five more nuclear explosions in May, 1999.

49. Puri : Famous for Jagannath temple which is an important centre of Hindus pilgrimage.

50. Pushkar : Near Ajmer is famous for ancient temple of Brahma.

51. Raipur : Capital of newly formed Chhatisgarh state.

52. Rajghat : Situated on the bank of the Yamuna in Delhi. Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi.

53. Ranchi : Capital of newly formed Jharkhand state.General Studies Question Bank CD

54. Raniganj : Famous coal mining centre of India, located in West Bengal.

55. Red Fort : Redstone fort built by Shah Jahan in Delhi.

56. Rourkela ( Orissa ): Steel Plant and Fertilizer factory.

57. Sarnath ( near Varanasi ) : Buddha preached first sermon here.

58. Sanchi : Near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. It is noted for the Buddhist stupas of Ashoka.

59. Shakti Sthal : Samadhi of Smt. Indira Gandhi.

60. Shimla : A beautiful hill station and capital of Himachal Pradesh. Venue of Indo – Pak Summit, July 28, 1972.

61. Sikkim : It became the 22nd State in the Indian Union by the Constitution ( 36th Amendment ) Act, 1972.

62.Srinagar : Capital of Jammu & Kashmir and a beautiful city of lakes.

63. Udaipur ( Rajasthan ) : Called the city of lakes.

64. Ujjain : In Madhya Pradesh is one of the seven cities sacred to the Hindus. Known for Mahakaleshwar temple.

65. Uri : Village in Kashmir on cease – fire line between India and Pakistan.

66. Vaishali : Modern Besarch in the district of Muzaffarpur in Bihar. It was the capital of the famous Vaishali clan in ancient limes.

67. Varanasi : or Banaras is a town in U P. very sacred to the Hindus. 1S known as the religious capital of Hindu India. Famous for Banaras mdu University, Vishwanath Temple. Manmandir with Jai Singh’s Observatory, Ramnagar Fort etc.

68. Victoria Memorial : A magnificent building in Kolkata having an art gallery and a well – laid out garden attached to it.

69. Vijay Ghat : On the banks of Yamuna in Delhi is the Smadhi of Shri Lai Bahadur Shastri, former Prime Minister of India.

70. Vishakhapatnam : Big harbour on the southern coast of India; ship­building yard.

71. Viswa Shanti Stupa : ( World Peace Pagoda ) 45 metres high stupa raised atop the picturesque Ratnagiri Hill. It is the first stupa of its kind in India. It was inaugurated on October 25, 1969.

72. Vivekananda Rock : Is situated near Kanyakumari at the southern tip of India’s coastline. It has been so named in memory of Swami Vivekananda.

73. Wardha : in ( Maharashtra State ); Mahatma Gandhi lived there for several years; centre of cotton trade.

74. Wellington : In the Nilgiri Hills ( Tamil Nadu ) is known for Defence Services Staff College.

75. Zojila : A pass on the road from Srinagar ( Kashmir ) to Leh and then to Yarkand in Tibet.


Famous Towns World

Famous Towns and Places in World

S.No.Name Famous For
1No 10, Downing Street Official residence of the British Prime Minister.
2Abadan ( Iran ) Famous for oil refinery
3Alaska ( U.S.A. ) In 1958 it was declared as 49th State of U.S.A. It is near Canada
4Alexandria City and sea - port of Egypt, founded by Alexander the Great. Handles about 80% of the country's exports.
5Angkor Wat Ruined temple in Cambodia. Signposts of ancient oriental civilisation.
6Aswam Dam
A dam in Egypt across the River Nile.
7Baku Oilfields of Azerbaijan.
8Bastille It was a Jail in Paris. Destroyed during the French Revolution.
9Beding ( Australia ) Famous for gold mines.
10Bethlehem A town Palestine, the birth place of Christ.

11Bikini Atoll In Pacific Ocean, where first hydrogen bomb was tested by U.S.A.
12Bikini An atoll of the Marshall Islands. Atomb Bomb was dropped here experimentally in 1948.
13Bratislava A town in Czechoslovakia on Czech - Russian border.
14Buckingham Palace London residence of the British monarch.
15Chushul In Ladakh, highest airfield in the world. Chinese troops attacked it in 1962.
16Corsica An island where Napoleon was born.
17Detroit ( U.S.A ) The biggest car manufacturing town in the world.
18Elephanta Caves ( India ) Situated in an island 15 miles from Bombay. Famous for the statues of Siva and Parvati.
19Fleet Street Press Center in London.
20Gaza Strip In Egypt near Israeli border, was seat of United nations Emergency Force till 1957. Now under Israeli occupation.
21Gibraltar Key to Mediterranean, fortress and novel base situated on rock in the extreme South of Spain.
22Golden Temple ( India ) Famous temple of the Sikhs at Amritsar, constructed by Guru Ram Dass.
23Hiroshima An industrial center of Japan which was destroyed by atom bomb in 1945.
24Hollywood ( California. U.S.A. ) Famous for film industry
25Hyde Park A huge park in London.
26Jerusalem City in Israel. Jesus Christ was crucified here ( now capital of Israel )
27Khajuraho It is the State of chattarpur, Bundelkhand in Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for Mahadev Temple.
28Khorkov Important town of Ukraine, manufactures motor cars, tractors and agricultural machinery.
29Lop Nor Palace in Sinkiang ( Red China ), site for atomic tests.
30Los Angeles A part of California ( U.S.A. ) The famous film industry of Hollywood is established here. It is famous as Cinima City of the world.
31Lusaka Venue of non-aligned nations summit in September 1970. Capital of Zambia.
32Manchester ( U.K. ) Cotton manufacturing city. It is one of the world's biggest cloth manufacturing center.
33Marseilles City and Seaport of Southern France. Famous for silk, wine, olive soap, margarine and candles.
34Mecca ( Saudi Arabia ) Sacred place of the Muslims because Prophet Mohammed was born here.
35Montreal Longest city of Canada. Famous for iron and steel works and motor car factories.
36Nagasaki ( Japan ) It is noted for its iron and steel industries. Atom was dropped here during World War II.
37New Castle An important port on the Tyne in England, famous for coal industry.
38New Orleans ( U.S.A. ) It is the greatest cotton and wheat exporting center in the world.
39Osaka ( Japan ) Known as the Manchester of Japan. It is sometimes called the Venice of Japan.
40Pisa In Italy, famous for Leaning Tower, one of the seven wonders of the world.
41Pentagon Headquarters of American Defence Forces.
42Phnom - Penh Capital of Cambodia.
43Plais Des Nations Venue in Geneva for holding international conferences.
44Potala Dalai Lama's palace at Lhasa ( Tibet ).
45Sinai Peninsula of Egypt between the Gulfs of Suez and Aquba, at the head of Red Sea.
46Seychelles Island in Indian Ocean, got freedom on June 28, 1976.
47Sodom In Israel, the lowest point on earth.
48Vatican Official residence of the Pope of Rome.
49Versaillers ( France ) Famous for the treaty of Versailles which ended World War I in 1918.
50Vienna Capital of Austria. The venue of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks ( SALT ) between Russia and U.S.A.
51Walling Wall Part of the Western Wall of the Temple Court in Jerusalem. Part of the wall, probably dates from the time of Solomon, is regarded by both Jews and Moslems as one of special sanctity.
52Wall Street In Manhattan, New York, famous for American's stock exchange market.
53White House The official residence of the President of U.S.A. in Washington D.C.
54Zurich ( Switzerland ) Famous for the manufacture of cotton and silk and for its lenses.

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List of Famous Towns in India – List of Famous Towns in World Details.

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