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Agriculture in India


Agriculture in India : : Important Corps of India

Indian Agriculture

Crops in India

Cropping Seasons in India

Kharif Crops of India

  • Sown in summers between May and July, and harvested after the rains, in September and October.
  • Eg : Rice, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Groundnut, Pulses, etc.

Rabi Crops of India

  • Sown at the beginning of winter and harvested before the onset of the summer season, between Feb and April.
  • Eg: Wheat, barley, oilseeds, gram, potatoes, etc.
  • They are raised between April and June.
  • E.g. : Melon, watermelon, cucumber, toris, leafy and other vegetables.

Cash Crops of India (Commercial Crops)

  • Grown mainly for the market, only a small portion of the product is consumed by the farmers themselves ( cotton, sugarcane etc. )

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Coffee Production

Coffee Production in India

India produces both Coffea arabica and Robusta Coffee or Coffea robusta. As per the provisional figures of 2010 – 11, Coffee is planted in India in around 399801 hectares. Out of this area, 52% is under Coffea robusta and 48% is under Coffea arabica. So in India almost both varieties are grown in equal areas.

  • In India Coffee is grown Mostly in south India and also in Orissa and some parts of North East India.
  • In India, Karnataka is the leading Coffee producer with 56.9% of total area under production and 71% of total Production.

The following table shows the area and production of Coffee in various states.

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Areas Under Coffee Cultivation in India ( Hectares )
StateArabica%Robusta%Total AreaTotal Area %
Tamil Nadu257086.456861.4507867.8
North East India4085118820.854171.4
Others ( Orissa etc )5051812.62680.15078612.7

Production of Coffee in India ( in Metric Tons )
State Arabica %Robusta %Total ProductionTotal Area
Tamil Nadu146505.147001.61933506.7
North East India7504001150
Others ( Orissa etc )51001.885051856.7

Coffee Producing States in India

  • Karnataka leads Coffee Production in India with 71% share in production.
  • The production of Robusta Coffee ( 67.3% ) is approximately double of production of Arabica Coffee ( 32.7% ).
  • Almost all coffee grown in Kerala is Robusta. Kerala accounts for 20% of Robusta Coffee while 0.5% of Arabica Coffee.
  • In Tamil Nadu, the production of Arabica Coffee is more than that of Robusta.
  • In other parts of India such as Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, almost only Arabica Coffee is grown.

Please also note the following points :

  •  In Karnataka Chikmagalur, Kodagu & Hassan districts are largest producers of Coffee.
  • In Kerala, Wyanad, Travancore & Nelliampathies are largest growing districts of Coffee.
  • In Tamil Nadu , Pulneys, Nilgiris, Salem & Coimbatore are largest coffee grwing areas.
  • In India Coffee productivity is 826 Kilogram per hectare.


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