Weather Climate Seasons

The climatic conditions of India can be categorised in terms of an annual cycle of seasons. Four main seasons are :

  • The Cold Weather Season ( December – February )
  1. It begins in mid – November in north India and continues till February – March.
  2. The average temperature in the Northern plains is 10°- 15°C and 25°C in south India.
  3. Winds blow from the high pressure areas of Northwest India to low pressure areas.
  4. The weather is fine and really delightful.
  5. Light winter rains are followed by cold waves in the northern parts. Coromondal coast also receives rains caused by North – eastern winds.
  • The Hot Weather Season ( March – May )
  1. Temperature rises and air pressure falls.
  2. Temperature ranges from 41°C – 42°C in the northwestern India.
  3. In the north – west region the dry and hot winds ( loo ) blow.

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  • The Advancing Monsoon Season ( June – September )
  1.  South – west monsoon winds travel over the Indian ocean through Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal and bring rains almost all over the country.
  2. The rain – bearing winds blow at an average speed of 30 km per hour.
  3. About three – fourth of rainfall in India is received in this season.

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  •  The Retreating Monsoon Season ( October – November )
  1. The monsson retreats from Punjab and Rajasthan and then from the entire peninsula from September to November.
  2. The retreat of the monsoons is marked by clear skies and decrease in temperature.
  3. The north – east trade winds take over, and coastal Tamil Nadu receives rainfall due to these winds from October to December.
  4. In the second half of October the mercury begins to fall rapidly.

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