General Knowledge in Indian History

Ancient Indian History
Prehistory of IndiaIndus Valley CivilizationVedic Period: The Aryans
Mahajanpadas HistoryBuddhism in IndiaJainism in India
The Magadha EmpireAlexander's Invasion of IndiaThe Mauryan Dynasty
Central Asian ContactKingdoms After The MauryansSangam Age in Tamilnadu
The Gupta Dynasty IndiaOther Dynasties and Rulers
Medieval Indian History
Mahumud of GhazniMuhammad GhoriThe Ilbari Dynasty or Slave Dynasty
The Khalji DynastyThe Tughlaq DynastyThe Sayyid Dynasty
The Lodhi DynastyProvincial KingdomsReligious Movements in History
Vijaynagar Kingdom HistoryBahmani KingdomThe Mughal Emperors
Communal and Regional Uprisings

Modern Indian History
Advent of Europeans in IndiaGovernor Generals of British IndiaThe Revolt of 1857 in India
Social and Cultural UprisingsBritish Viceroys of IndiaImportant National Activities
National Revolutionary MovementHistory of Indian National ArmyIndian Constitutional Development
British Educational Policy and Growth of Modern EducationPresidents of Indian National CongressNewspapers and Journals
Books and AuthorsPre & Post Congress Nationalist OrganisationsLabour and Trade Unions
Important National Leaders of IndiaTimeline of Indian Freedom StruggleImportant Dates of Indian History
Famous Battles in Indian HistoryImportant Wars of 20th Century