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Chief Crops Producing Countries

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Chief Crops of World

S.No.Crop NameCountries
1Rice China, India
2Wheat China, India
3Maize USA, China
4Millets India, Nigeria
5Barley Russia, Canada
6Groundnut India
7Soyabeans USA, China
8Mustard & Castor India, Brazil
9Coconut Philippines, India
10Linseed Oil Argentina, Canada
11Tea India, China
12Coffee Brazil, Columbia

13Cocoa Ghana, Nigeria
14Sugarcane India, Brazil
15Sugarbeat Ukraine, France
16Tobacco China, USA
17Rubber Thailand, Indonesia
18Cotton China, USA
19JuteIndia, Bangladesh
20 Rax Russia, Baltic Countries
21Hemp Russia, Ukraine
22Silk China, India, Japan
23Grapes Italy, France
24Banana India, Philippines
25Mangoes India, Pakistan
26ApplesChina, France, Italy
27Pineapples Thailand, Philippines
28Cloves Islands of Zemba, Zansibar
29Pepper Malaysia, India
30PotatoesChina, Russia
31Cork Spain
32Olives Italy, Spain

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