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Jama Masjid Mumbai

The Jama mosque is a Muslim mosque at the Kalbadevi group, near Crawford Industry in the Southern Mumbai area of Mumbai, Indian.

The Islamic group of Bombay offers 89 sacred mosques mosques, of which eight are part of the great Bohras, to amazing Khojas, one to the great Mughals and the rest to the Sunni Muslims.

The most popular are the renowned Jama Masjid at the renowned Sheikh Memon popular street, the very old mosque just near the sacred grave of Sheikh. Some of them are renowned Makhtum FaikhAli at the popular Mahim, the sacred Jakaria Masjid at Mandvi area, sacred Sattad Masjid just near sacred Masjid Bandar place, renowned Ismail Habib Masjid at the Memonwada area, the renowned Khoja Ashna and Ashari Masjid, started out in 1903. the renowned Mughal Masjid on Prison street, which was designed by great Haji Mahomed Hussein Shirazi and renowned Bohra Masjid to the western of the amazing Jama masjid.

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The unique Jama Masjid of Mumbai was located near Dongri. It was later eliminated and designed at Esplanade. In 1770, this mosque was destroyed by the transaction of Governor Bill Hornby, which forbade the lifestyle of any developing within 600 decades of the surfaces of the Ft. The development of the existing Jama Masjid began in 1775 and perform was finished in 1802.

The period of its achievement (AD 1802) is derivable from the great chronogram amazing Jahas-i- Akhirat, which is the deliver around the globe to come, which contains an allusion to the point that it was designed on the reservoir.

In the 18th millennium, this reservoir was located in the middle of landscapes and start area and belonged to a Konkani Islamic vendor dealing in Goa, and Calicut, who, about 1778, decided to the development of a mosque on the identify, offered the reservoir was maintained unchanged.

A one – story developing was therefore designed over the reservoir and established the unique nucleus of the existing Jama Mosque.


The Jama Mosque is a quadrangular heap of stone and rock, surrounded by a band of veranda covered and dual storied structures, the floor surfaces of which are let out as stores. The primary or southern checkpoint of the mosque brings straight across an open courtyard to the historical reservoir, which is now equipped with brickwork actions and embankments, designed in 1893, and contain about ten legs of at standstill water, loaded with silver and silver coins seafood.

From the level of the reservoir increase 16 black rock archways, designed in the year of 1874, which support the whole material of the mosque, the higher tale being upheld by five series of wood made support beams, each of which contains a container for holy guides. The archways in the reservoir were designed in 1874 at a cost of INR 75000/- while other popular inclusions in the property are the large windows in the northern, eastern, and southern factors designed in 1898, and the university building INR 20000 in the year of 1902.

In compliance with a plan mounted by the high court in the year of 1897, the control of its qualities and matters vests in a panel of 11 administrators, triennially chosen by Konkani Islamic Jamat, while the professional features are assigned to a Nazir, hired by the panel. The employees of the mosque contains an Imam or prayer innovator, an associate imam, a Bangi and associate Bangi whose responsibility is to call for the enthusiasts to prayer, and several subordinated.
Attached to the mosque is an excellent, the renowned madressa Muhammadiah place, in which free luxurious and spiritual knowledge is imparted to Islamic youths. The Madressa has a hostel connected to it.

How to Reach

By Air

Chhatrapati Shivaji Worldwide Airport terminal is the significant airdrome that gets both household and international visitors to the town. Almost all the airline carriers function routes to and from Mumbai. It is the most popular airport of the country, that manages at least 45 landings and take-offs hourly. It has two household and two international devices, which are linked by cab solutions.

By Rail

Mumbai features of a comprehensive system of track paths, which joins the town with all areas of the country. It homes the head office of Main Railways and European Railways. Besides famous Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport terminal – the significant one, there are other train programs at Bombay Main, area of Church gate, Dadar area and Kurla area. One can panel teaches from here to any place across the country.

By Road

The Nationwide Roadways number 3, 4 or 6, 8 or 9 and 17 complete through the town, making it available from all areas. Besides these Nationwide Roadways, the Mumbai – Pune expressway rotates through the town. Many long – distance vehicles keep from the Condition Transportation Airport terminal, which is situated reverse Mumbai’s Main Railway Place. Many luxurious vehicles link Mumbai with all holiday locations within and outside situations. One can always seek the solutions of car to shift around the town and its suburban areas.

You can get off at Masjid station ( harbour line ) and take a cab towards Jama masjid.

General Fact About Jama Masjid Mumbai

Other Instructions

Leave your footwear at the entry.
Be elegant while you check out the mosque.
Tourists should protect their legs as well their hands and eliminate their footwear before coming into the mosque.

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