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Thousand Lights Mosque Chennai

Interesting facts : The Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai derived its name from the lighting of about 1000 oil lamps.

Opening Hours : 5:30 am to 8:30 pm.

The Thousand Lights Mosque is a popular place of worship for Muslims in South India. In the early 19th century, mosque grounds were used as an assembly place for Shite Muslims during Muharram. An assembly hall along with a mosque was built later. Today, this mosque holds great importance for Shite Muslims especially during Muharram.

Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai will entice you with its architectural splendor. Located close to the Anna flyover on Anna Salai Road in Chennai in India, Thousand Lights Mosque is also a famous pilgrimage site for the Shia community in the country.

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History says that the site of Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai used to be thronged by the Shias, a sect of Muslims in the month of Moharram during early 19th century. An assembly hall came into place when the Arcot family built an one in 1810 A.D. and then constructed a mosque in 1820 over three acres of land donated by Nawab Wallajah. Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai derived its name from the lighting of about 1000 oil lamps. This mosque was refurbished many times since its foundation.

The 3 acres area was donated by Nawab Walajah. It is said that 1000 oil lamps would be needed to illuminate the assemble hall of the mosque. This is how the medieval architecture structure got its name. The mosque encloses a beautiful library, a burial ground of Imam Hussain and a basic guesthouse.

The cream coloured mosque has multi domes and spearing minarets which have an average height of 64 feet. The mosque interiors are adorned with quotes and inscriptions from the holy Quran. Separate prayer halls are built for men and women on the ground floor. On the second floor, two rooms which are known as Bargaah represent the harem (sanctuary) of Imam Hussain and Abolfazl – al – Abbas.

The mosque is visited by a lot of tourists who get dazzled by the beautiful minarets and the illumination. The mosque is perfectly situated at the heart of the city at a junction of Mount Road and Peters Road and thus is easily accessible by road and has efficient bus services, train services, auto rickshaws and taxis.

Features of Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai

Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai also offers a library, burial ground and a guesthouse.

  • Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai displays the popular medieval architectural style in its structure.
  • There is a multi – domed building with two exalting minarets in Thousand Lights Mosque.
  • You will also find the dictums from the holy book, Koran painted on the structure.
  • There is a main hall in the ground floor for offering prayers.
  • There is a separate hall for women to pray and worship in Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai.
  • Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai has two rooms called Bargah on the second floor for the sanctuary.
  • The wooden planks on the second floor are there to stand as the sanctuary of Imam Hossein and Abolfazl – al – Abbas.
  • Located at the crossing of Mount Road and Peters Road, Thousand Lights Mosque in Chennai, will haunt you back to into the depths of Islam, which will be induced the sight of aesthetics enchanting you inside the structure.

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