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Tipu Sultan Mosque Kolkata

Tipu Sultan Mosque, West BengalThe Tipu Sultan Shahi Mosque is one of the famous mosques in Kolkata, West Bengal. India. The mosque is located at 185 Dhartamtalla Street and was built by Prince Ghulam Mohammed, the youngest son of Tipu Sultan in the year 1832.

Construction of Tipu Sultan Mosque

The Tipu Sultan Mosque represents the architectural and cultural heritage. The Mosque is double – aisled and is adorned with multiple domes. It has tall corner towers. The intricate designs of the mosque and the rounded arches drawn from classical architecture lend it a subtle European look. The mosque is one of the finest specimens of Mughal architecture in the city. People from different sections of society and religions are cordially welcomed to the mosque and also allowed to take pictures of this historical foundation.

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Administration of Tipu Sultan Mosque

The Tipu Sultan Mosque built 150 years back is headed by two Imam since its construction. The deputy Shahi Imam, Maulana Hazrat Harron al Rashid performs the religious duties like Imamat and leading Namaaz.

The expenditures of the Tipu Sultan Mosque are incurred by the earnings of the rental properties possessed by Prince Ghulam Mohammed Wakf Estate ( royal family trust ) headed by His Highness Prince Anwar Ali as well as the officials that have been selected by the Kolkata High Court.

In the 1980s the Tipu Sultan Shahi Masjid Protection and Welfare Committee was established by Seraj Mubarki, Mohammad Sharfuddin, Izhar Khan and Syed Zafar. It was set up with the intention to alert and educate the masses about the damage caused to the Masjid by the Metro railway. This committee is regulated by Mohammad Sharfuddin as its chairman and Aziz Mubarki as its secretary. The community later settled down the issue as the authorities of the Metro Railway agreed to restore the damaged part of the mosque and rebuild it.

Under the supervision of the current chairman Janab Sami Mubaraki, the Tipu Sultan Shahi Masjid Protection and Welfare Committee looks after the regular affairs of the mosque. During the 2004 Tsunami the committee members raised a considerable amouny of money for the victims affected in the calamity. It was a part of the Prime Minister`s Tsunami fund.

How to reach : One can simply walk from Esplanade Bus Terminus. Taxis & buses can be availed from different parts of the city.
Open : All days, 4 a.m. – sunset
Entrance Fee : Nil
Photography / Video Charges : Nil
Time required for sightseeing : 20 min.

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