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Hospital Management Courses in India

Hospital Management Courses

The service industry is one of the most charming as well as one of the fastest growing industries not only in India but also throughout the world And when this industry is combined with the hospitality industry then the onus reflected is more concrete and clear.

Hospitals and nursing homes are growing in large numbers The medical staff working in these hospitals find very little time to handle non-medical day-to-day administrative afairs Moreover, handling of such tasks requires management and professional skills which need constant devotion and upgradation It is very difficult for doctors to spare time for such things.

Thus, the delivery of effective health care services requires trained profesionals.

A hospital administrator is overall incharge of administrative affairs of the hospital He takes over the charge of various aspects of health administration and hospital administration vis-a-vis patients and health care It envisages professional responsibility in various aspects - planning and control, management of the medical staff, demography and biostatics, management and research in health care, epidemiology and community health and strategic management.

The nature of the job requires a number of qualities and essential attributes The person should have decision - making capability based on up-to-date management principles and techniques This envisages planning of future requirements like material, technical and financial One should also be well versed with financial forward planning and should be responsible enough for the maintenance of the building.

Hospital Management Eligibility :

The nature of the job requires management professionals and not doctors per se.Therefore, not only doctors and paramedicos, but ordinary graduates, too, can opt for the courses and enter the field The administrative setup in large hospitals is generally categorised into two - medical and non - medical administration Medical administration is handled by doctors but non-medical administrative setup does not require any technicality It is in this field that more and more graduates are entering the field So the minimum eligibility in such courses is graduation.

Hospital Management Courses :

There are a number of courses being offered by different institutions Most of the courses in hospital administration and management are offered at the post-graduate level The duration of the course varies from one year to two years However, some courses are also beong offered at graduate level But all such courses are exclusively for medical graduates.

Selection in most of institutions offering such courses is through a common entrance examination The common entrance examination is followed by either Group Discussion and/ or Personal Interview Aspirants having good score in graduation have a favourable chance in such common entrance examination The nature of the entrance examination is purely non-academic oriented and is aimed to check general awareness and management skills.

Hospital Management Prospects :

On - campus placement is provided to post-graduates in hospitals administration and management And with the increase in this sector there are tremendous avenues and potential for the right, hard working, sincere and humane candidates.

Top Hospital Management Institutes in India :

Hospital Management Courses in India

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