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Jewellery Designing Career Course Institutions in India and Abroad

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Jewellery Designing

Jewellery since time immemorial has remained "neighbour's envy and owner's pride". The ornaments have remained exoctic, unequalled and invaluable articles of personal glory. And, with jewellery becoming's symbol of status, fashion and taste, men and women today are steadily moving away from today are steadily moving away from conventional styles of adornment and ornamentation and gradually adopting modern patterns better suited to their busy life styles. Considering the fact that India is the largest consumer of gold and has excellent infrastructure for diamond cutting, Jewellery Designing can prove to be a very lucrative and satisfying career.

To get admission into a Jewellary Designing course a candidates must complete. Class X or XII, depending upon the course and the institute to be eligible for admission. Besides the usual area of study like (metal history classification, standardisation, techniques of designing, etc.), Jewellery Designing courses have now adopted computerised programmes which require familiarirty with various solid model software e.g., Rhino, Jewel Cad, Auto Cad, 3D Studio, etc Moreover, the use of Photoshop, Corel Draw and in-depth analysis of volume, weight and metal composition are generally considered to be vital parts of the jewellery designing syllabus. WIth the advent of electronic jewellery, format courses in Jewellery Designing have been modified to suit the requirements of industry houses.

NATURE: With the emergence of branded international jewellery is the domestic market, jewellery making has become an extremely competitive and specialised business. Innovation is the watchword. Jewellery designing today implies creating entirely new styles as well as lending a contemporary touch to traditional patterns, thereby changing the look and enhancing variety and range. Today, the term 'jewellery' has come to signify a lot more than just a few precious metals and gemstones.

This career involves hardwork, constant experimentation and plenty of field work. Goodwill is crucial. It may not always be easy for the beginners to establish the authenticity of their work in the market. But the industry is developing rapidly and people are now more appreciative of the growth potential witnessed in young designer entrepreneurs with dynamism and creativity to explore new avenues and experiment with designs.

Prospects: Since the jewellery industry is a booming business today, one usually finds a number of employment avenues. Apart from working as a designer, you can become a grader or sorter of diamonds and other stones, a trader in precious and semiprecious stones, a jewellery evaluator, freelance designer or stone curter, a dealer in jewellery tools and machnies or an exhibitor. One of the most sought after professionals in the jewellery market is the accessory designer. Yet another alternative is to undertake teaching in any major institute in the field.

Besides jobs with jewellery houses, a jewellery designer might even choose to open his own workshop. However, one needs to keep in mind, that any such venture essentially implies ensuring a ready accessibility to vast resources.

The profession requires a creative mind and thorough understanding of contemporary as well as traditional styles of adornment. Besides possessing a flair for fashion, one needs to accurately gauge market trends. In addition to a capacity for ready assimilation of ideas and forms, a prospective designer must show keen awareness of the nature of his clientele. For instance, an understanding of clients' preferences, life style and budget may go a long way in helping to provide him with the style best suited to his needs and tastes.

Above all, the jewellery designer should keep abreast with all current development at home and abroad, in order to determine the marks atmosphere most apt for the launch of a new fashion range.

There are a number of institutes in India that cater to jewellery designing. The duration of these courses range from three months to three years. In institutes like S.N.D.T., the students have to give two aptitude tests. At Jasani Department of Jewel Designing and Manufacturing, a personal interview is also there. There are only 25 seats up for grabs every year. Other institutes have part-time courses which give an insight on a particular subject like diamond grading or diamond cutting catering to specific fields in jewellery design.

Career prospects
Most of the students opt for working under a big brand name but there are some who also aspire to start up on their own. After doing the diploma course in Accessory design from NIFT Delhi, students can find placements in areas like precious and costume jewellery design. You might also look for an opportunity to work for an export house.

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology-New Delhi and Kolkata: Two year graduate diploma in Jewellery Design; One year course in Jewellery Manufacturing.
  • J.D.Institute of Fashion Technology-New delhi.
  • JPDC- New Delhi
  • SNDT-Mumbai
  • Jesani Institute-Mumbai
  • Shinghar Institute -Howrah.

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