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NLU Assam Entrance Exam 2016

The National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam ( NLUJA ) has been established by the Government of Assam by way of enactment of the National Law School and Judicial Academy, Assam Act, 2009 (Assam Act No. XXV of 2009). The Act is under a proposed amendment and the word ‘School’ is being substituted by the word ‘University’. It is going to be a torchbearer in the field of legal education and research in the country. NLUJA is the youngest member in the family of the fourteen National Law Schools and Universities established across the country. The NLUJA will promote and make available modern judicial education and research facilities to students and scholars from North East India as well as other states of the country, representing a diverse range of socio – economic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

NLU Assam Entrance Exam

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