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CAT Admission Procedure 2016

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CAT 2016 Admission Process

Please note that each IIM shortlists candidates for second stage of selection which may be independent of each other. The process may include Written Ability Test ( WAT ), Group Discussions ( GD ) and Personal Interviews ( PI ). Performance in CAT 2016 Examination is an important component in the admission process.

IIMs may use previous academic performance of the candidates, relevant work experience and other similar inputs in short listing and ranking of candidates at various stages of the admission process. The processes, academic cut – offs and the weights allocated to the evaluation parameters may vary across IIMs. For more information you may refer the admissions policies of IIMs from their respective websites

CAT Result 2016 and Short listing

CAT 2016 Result will be available starting 2nd week of January, 2017 on the CAT Website List of shortlisted candidates for the next level of selection will be made available on the individual IIM websites Each IIM will send interview letters to the candidates it has short-listed. The criteria for short-listing varies from IIM to IIM. Please visit the admission hotlinks of the respective websites of IIMs for further information. 

Normalization Scores in CAT 2016

CAT 2016 shall be conducted in two sessions. Two different Test Forms shall be administered in two Test Sessions. In order to ensure fairness and equity in comparison of performances of the candidates across different test sessions, the scores of the candidates shall be subjected to a process of Normalization. The Normalization process to be implemented shall adjust for location and scale differences of score distributions across different forms. After normalization across

different forms the scores shall be further normalized across different sections and the scaled scores obtained by this process shall be converted into percentiles for purposes of shortlisting.

For purposes of reporting, Scaled Scores for following each section and Total along with the Percentiles shall be published.

Section I : Quantitative Ability,

Section II : Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Section III : Verbal Ability

The process of Normalization is an established practice for comparing candidate scores across multiple Forms and is similar to those being adopted in other large educational selection tests conducted in India such as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ( GATE ). For normalization across sections we shall use a sort of percentile equivalence.

MBA Entrance Exam Question Bank CD

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