GMAT Preparation Tips 2012

GMAT is a Graduate Management Admission Test, a complete Computer Adaptive test lasts for 3.30 hrs. GMAT score is essential to get admitted in any abroad colleges, B – schools and Institutes for any MBA Programme. GMAT is conducted to test one’s analytical and reading skills, logical reasoning, basic mathematics and verbal skills.

GMAT Test Mode 2012 :

  • CAT ( Computer Adaptive Test ).

GMAT Exam Preparation Tips 2012 :

  • GMAT test Starts with Self – evaluation which would show candidates weaker sections, so that they can improvise their preparation. Since the test is a computer adaptive mode, candidate should know to apply system techniques which can be practiced with the help of attending more no. of mock tests.
  • These mocks not only help to acquire the system knowledge, but also build time management skill and self – confidence. Apart from attending more mocks, one should refer books, discussing with seniors, coaching institutes to endorse their abilities and skills.
  • GMAT does not have an option of skipping a question, holding it, attending the next and coming back to the previous .
  • GMAT CAT prescribes the test taker to first finish the flashed question and then go for the next. Candidate should do an educated guess rather than random. Method of eliminating wrong choices will make the candidate to survive with 65 % of correct answer.
  • The candidates have an option of canceling score, if really they did not perform well on the test. Once the score is cancelled, the same will not be sent to the schools which candidates have chosen to pursue studies.
  • Verbal Session assessment would contain questions from Sentence correction, Reading comprehension and Critical Reasoning.
    Reading comprehension :
    It is designed with a passage consists contents from which questions will be arisen. The test taker should read out the passage clearly, confidently to answer the given question. It does not require any special practice, but should be keen while reading and relating answers with the questions.
    Critical Reasoning :
    Read out the questions before reading the passage. Try to differentiate between assumption and conclusion. Start to identity the assumption and fix as if the assumption is not true, the conclusion will never be true.
    Sentence correction :
    This section gauges the test takers English knowledge in general. The test taker should correct the sentence in grammar, style and erroneous parts to beautify the language power. Some times the sentence would be with nil – error.


GMAT Question Paper Pattern 2012 :

Sale of DAMITS Rourkela admission application form at Post Office / Bank begins on begins on
10th February, 2012
Last date of sale of DAMITS Rourkela admission application forms
15th March, 2012
Last date of receipt of completed DAMITS Rourkela admission application
form at Post Office / Bank / JEE Cell, Gandamunda, Bhubaneswar
22nd March, 2012
Online registration through OJEE - 2012 website : begins on
10th February, 2012
Last date for online registration
15th March, 2012
Last date of receipt of confirmation slip and demand draft at JEE Cell, Gandamunda, Bhubaneswar
22nd March, 2012

GMAT Scores 2012 :

  • The score falls between 200 and 800. Normally majority of the candidates secure 400 to 600. The average score is considered as 550.

GMAT Score Validity : 5 years.

GMAT Score Accepted in 2012 :

  • Most of the foreign colleges accept GMAT score and even some Indian colleges are welcoming GMAT score for Management Post graduate Degree admission.

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