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XAT 2016 Preparation Tips

XLRI XAT 2016 Question Bank CD -

XAT 2016 Preparation Tips

Main Areas to Prepare for XAT 2016 Exam
XAT has 5 sections :

  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. English Language & Logical Reasoning
  3. Decision Making
  4. General Knowledge
  5. Essay

XAT 2016 Preparation Tips

  • It is a paper – pen based test, not an online test.
  • Surely take some Mock XATs Exam, from any of the top coaching institutes which is very helpful for the students to prepare for XAT.

Changes in XAT 2016

  • The paper is concerned, no change is known as of now.
  • They have said that the cut-offs would be reduced which means comparatively lesser weighting to XAT because they want a better mix of people.
  • Level of difficulty is also expected to be lesser this year.

XAT 2016 Score Accepting Institutes :

  • XAT Score is accepted by 130 B – Schools across India.
  • Some of them are XLRI, XIM – B, SP Jain, IMT – Ghaziabad, TAPMI Manipal, IFMR Chennai, GIM Goa, Welingkar Mumbai and Liba Chennai.

Strategy for Essay Writing :

  • Essay writing requires clear thinking, structured thought process, good argument analysis and effective writing.
  • Practice writing essays within 20 min and seek feedback from your teachers/experts.

Prepare to get Admission on Xaviers Institutes :

  • In addition to XAT, B – Schools have Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.
  • For Group Discussion, it requires very good knowledge and communication skills.
  • For interview, preparation is on your Acads / Work exp / Goals / Personality – Related / Hobbies etc.
  • The Interview mainly contains questions like Acads – Based.
  • At least we should be able to answer the basic / medium level questions.

XAT differ from others :

  • XAT is quite similar to CAT in terms of the course, areas covered, b-schools covered, and difficulty level.
  • XAT has an essay, which other exams not have essay.
  • Other exams like SNAP are generally easier.

XAT 2016 Exam Guidelines :

  • For the section on Quantitative Ability, a good Preparation for CAT should be more than sufficient.
  • For the section on Decision Making, it would be advisable for students to revise concepts pertaining to Puzzles and Decision making Questions.
  • They should especially focus on practicing the Distribution based puzzles.
  • For the section on English Language & Logical Reasoning, it would be advisable for students to revise concepts pertaining to RC, Sentence correction, Vocabulary  based questions ( words confused ), Para formation, Logical reasoning questions ( especially on identifying argument structure,  argument elements and inference based questions ).
  • Students should also focus on Figures of Speech as there have been questions on identifying metaphors, oxymorons, personification, etc. in previous years’ XAT papers.

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