TS ICET 2016 Preparation Tips

ICET Entrance Exam is conducted by Andhra University for the PG admissions of MBA and MCA. Many Universities are affiliated under Andhra University. Getting good score will help to place in any one of the best colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

Mode of TS ICET Exam 2016 : ICET is a Paper based Exam.

Number of Questions and Time duration : 200 questions with 2.30 hours.

ICET 2016 Question Pattern

i. Section A : Analytical Ability

  • Data Sufficiency : 20 Questions
  • Problem Solving : 55 Questions

ii. Section B : Mathematical Ability

  • Arithmetical Ability : 35 Questions
  • Algebraical and Geometrical Ability: 30 Questions
  • Statistical Ability : 10 Questions

iii. Section C : Communication Ability

  • Vocabulary : 10 Questions
  • Business and Computer Terminology : 10 Questions
  • Functional Grammar : 15 Questions
  • Reading Comprehension : 15 Questions

Total : 200 Questions

ICET 2016 Preparation Methods

Test takers have to focus on the strong areas if the time is less. When they find more time to ICET Real Time, then they can work out on the weak areas also. Some topics will have more Weightage, so that they should analyze and study systematically. At least two mock tests have to be taken to set in with clock management skill. Mock test will be certainly simulating the real time in case of time Constraint, Question Pattern, etc., Try to attend the easiest section first which saves the test taker time a lot.

I. Section A : Problem solving & Data Sufficiency :

A. Data Sufficiency :

Each question consists of two data statements. You have to judge whether

– The first statement itself is sufficient to answer the question but the second is not sufficient or,

– The second statement itself is sufficient to answer the question but the first is not sufficient or,

– Both the statements put together answer the question but individually none are sufficient or,

– The statements are not sufficient even if they are combined.

The above four conditions will be the options A,B,C and D not necessarily in the same order. Thus one needs to read the instructions before answering these kinds of questions.

B. Problem Solving :

Sequences and Series :

  • Number – Alphabet relation questions
  • Numeric Patterns
  • Odd One out
  • Sequence or a Series

C. Data Analysis :

A Table or a Graph or a Bar diagram or a Pie Chart or a Venn Diagram or a Passage will be given to analyze. Questions will be asked based on the data.

D. Coding and Decoding problems, A code or code pattern will be given for. Questions will be asked based on the code. Test takers should decode the question with the help of code pattern.

E. Date, Time & Arrangement Problems : Questions will be based on Calendar, Clock, Blood relationships, Arrivals and Departures and schedules etc.

II. Section B :

Arithmetical, Algebraical, Geometrical and Statistical Abilities : All fundamental Mathematical Questions will be shot from the above headings.

III. Section C : Vocabulary, Business and Computer Terminology, Functional Grammar and Reading Comprehension

  1. Vocabulary : Many words will be asked from advanced dictionaries
  2. Business and Computer Terminology : This includes business and Computer usage of English. This section mostly concentrates on the grammar part of the field.
  3. Functional Grammar : Grammatical uses, grammatical mistakes and sentence correction would be the most important segments
  4. Reading Comprehension : Totally 3 passages would be given from any novel, newspaper or poem. 5 questions should be answered from the passages

ICET Negative Marking : No Negative Markings.

Validity of ICET Score : The score validity of ICET is One Year.

ICET score accepting Colleges : Most of the Universities in Andhra Pradesh.

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