MCA Entrance Exam : IIT JAM : IIT JAM Chemistry Syllabus 2015

IIT JAM Chemistry Syllabus 2015

IIT JAM 2015 Chemistry Syllabus

IIT JAM 2015 Physical Chemistry Syllabus

Basic Mathematical Concepts : Functions, maxima and minima, integrals, ordinary differential equations, vectors and matrices, determinants, elementary statistics and probability theory.

Atomic and Molecular Structure : Fundamental particles. Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom; Wave – particle duality; Uncertainty principles; Schrodinger’s wave equation; Quantum numbers, shapes of orbitals; Hund’s rule and Pauli’s exclusion principle, electronic configuration of simple homonuclear diatomic molecules.

Theory of Gases : Equation of state of ideal and non – ideal ( van der Waals ) gases, Kinetic theory of gases. Maxwell – Boltzmann distribution law; equipartition of energy.

Solid State : Crystals, crystal systems, X – rays, NaCl and Kcl structures, close packing, atomic and ionic radii, radius ratio rules, lattice energy, Born – Haber cycle, isomorphism, heat capacity of solids.

Chemical Thermodynamics : Reversible and irreversible processes; First law and its application to ideal and non – ideal gases; Thermochemistry; Second law; Entropy and free energy, Criteria for spontaneity.

Chemical and Phase Equilibria : Law of mass action; Kp, Kc, Kx and Kn; Effect of temperature on K; Ionic equilibria in solutions; pH and buffer solutions; Hydrolysis; Solubility product; Phase equilibria – Phase rule and its application to one – component and two – component systems; Colligative properties.

Electrochemistry : Conductance and its applications; Transport number; Galvanic cells; EMF and Free energy; Concentration cells with and without transport; Polarography; Concentration cells with and without transport; Debey – Huckel – Onsagar theory of strong electrolytes.

Chemical Kinetics : Reactions of various order, Arrhenius equation, Collision theory; Theory of absolute reaction rate; Chain reactions – Normal and branched chain reactions; Enzyme kinetics; photochemical processes; Catalysis.

Adsorption : Gibbs adsorption equation, adsorption isotherm, types of adsorption, surface area of adsorbents, surface films on liquids.

JAM 2015 Organic Chemistry Syllabus

Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry : Electronic effect ( resonance, inductive, hyperconjugation) and steric effects and its applications ( acid / base property ). Optical isomerism in compounds without any stereocenters ( allenes, biphenyls ), conformation of acyclic systems ( substituted ethane / n – propane / n – butane ) and cyclic systems ( mono and di substituted cyclohexanes ).

Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applications : Chemistry reactive intermediates, carbine, nitrene, benzyne, Hofmann – Curtius – Lossen rearrangement, Wolf rearrangement, Simmons – Smith reaction, Reimer – Tiemann reaction, Michael reaction, Darzens reaction, Witting reaction, McMurry reaction. Pinacol – pinacolone, Favorskii, benzilic acid rearrangement, dienonc – phenol rearrangement, Bayer – Villeger reaction. Oxidation and reduction reactions in organic chemistry. Organometallic reagents in organic synthesis ( Grignard and organocopper ). Diels – Alder reaction, Sigmatropic reactions.

Qualitative Organic Analysis : Functional group interconversions, structural problems using chemical reactions, identification of functional groups by chemical tests, elementary 1H NMR and IR spectroscopy as a tool for structural elucidation.

Natural Products Chemistry : Introductory chemistry of alkaloids, terpenes, carbohydrates, amino acids, peptides and nucleic acids.

Heterocyclic Chemistry : Monocyclic compounds with one hetero atom.

IIT JAM 2015 Inorganic Chemistry Syllabus

Periodic Table : Periodic classification of elements and periodicity in properties; general methods of isolation and purification of elements.

Chemical Bonding and Shapes of Compounds : Types of bonding; VSEPR theory and shapes of molecules; hybridization; dipole moment; ionic solids; structure of NaCl, CsCl, diamond and graphite; lattice energy.

Main Group Elements ( s and p blocks ) : Chemistry with emphasis on group relationship and gradation in properties; structure of electron deficient compounds of main group elements and application of main group elements.

Transition Metals ( d block ) : Characteristics of 3d elements; oxide, hydroxide and salts of first row metals; coordination complexes; VB and Crystal Field theoretical approaches for structure, color and magnetic properties of metal complexes. Ligands with back bonding capabilities; molecular orbital theory approaches to explain bonding in metal – carbonyl and metal – phosphine complexes.

Bioinorganic Chemistry : Essentials and trace elements of life, basic reactions in the biological systems and the role of metal ions especially Fe2+, Fe3+, Cu2+ and Zn2+, function of hemoglobin and myoglobin.

Instrumental Methods of Analysis : Basic principles, instrumentations and simple applications of conductometry, potentiometry, UV – vis spectro – photometry, analysis of water, air and soil samples.

Analytical Chemistry : Principles of qualitative and quantitative analysis; acid – base, oxidation – reduction and EDTA and precipitation reactions; use of indicators; use of organic reagents in inorganic analysis; radioactivity; nuclear reactions; applications of isotopes.

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