IIT JAM Computer Application Syllabus

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IIT JAM 2018 Computer Application Syllabus

IIT JAM syllabus for Computer Applications ( CA ) test paper comprises of Mathematics, Computer awareness and Analytical ability and General awareness and they will be in the ration 4 : 2 : 1.

Mathematics Syllabus

Algebra : Set theory and its simple applications. Basic concepts of groups, fields and vector spaces.

Matrices : Rank of a matrix. Existence and uniqueness of solution of a system of linear equations. Eigenvalues and Eigen vectors. Inverse of a matrix by elementary transformations.

Differential Calculus : Differentiation, Partial differentiation, Taylor series and approximate calculations. Maxima and minima of functions of one and two variables.

Integral Calculus : Single and multiple integration. Definite integrals, Change of order and change of variables. Applications to evaluation of area, surface and volume.

Differential Equations : First order differential equations, linear differential equations of higher order with constant coefficients. 

Vector Algebra : Addition, subtraction, dot product, cross product, triple product and their applications.

Numerical Analysis : Solution of non – linear equations using iterative methods. Interpolation ( Lagrange’s formula and Newton’s formula for equidistant points ). Numerical differentiation and integration ( Trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules ).

Probability : Basic concepts of probability theory. Binomial and Poisson distributions.

Linear Programming : Formulation and its graphical solution for two variable problems.

Computer Awareness

Elements of computers. Number systems. Basic electronic gates. Boolean algebra. Flip – Flops. Algorithmic approach to solve problems. Fundamentals of C language.

Analytical Ability and General Awareness

Simple questions will be asked to test the analytical ability and general awareness of candidates.