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WB JECA 2018 Preparation Tips

West Bengal conducts Joint Entrance Exam for the admission of young aspirants to MCA programs. JECA passing out candidates can be admitted in any of the Public and Private colleges of West Bengal. This is one of the most important state level exams in West Bengal.

Mode of WB JECA MCA Exam

  • WB JECA is a Paper based exam.

Number of Questions and Time Duration

  • 100 questions with 2 hours for Paper 1, 1 hour for Paper 2.

WB JECA 2018 Question Pattern

  • Paper 1 : Mathematics – 100 marks.
  • Paper 2 : Aptitude Test – 100 marks.

JECA 2018 MCA Syllabus

Paper I : Mathematics Syllabus

Analytical Geometry : Cartesian and polar coordinate; Straight line; Circle; Ellipse; Parabola; Hyperbola; Translation & Rotation of axes.

Algebra : Complex number, De Moiver’s theorem, Solution of linear equations, Determinants, Matrices, Summation of signal series, Addition of vectors, Scalar and Vector products, Inequation, Sets and elements, Universal set, Empty set, Subsets, Venn diagram, Union and intersection of sets, Complements, Algebra of sets, Finite sets, Class of sets, Partitions, Cross product, Group, Ring and Field.

Calculus : Limit, Continuity, Differentiation; Maxima & minima; Taylor & Maclaruin’s Series: Definite and indefinite integrals, First ana second order differential equation; Functions of several variables; Partial differentiation.

Probability & Statistics : Permutation, Combination; Probability; Probability distribution; Mean; Median; Mode; Standard Deviation; Correlation coefficient.

Paper II Aptitude Test Syllabus

  • Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Quantitative Comparison
  • Discrete Quantitative Analysis
  • Data interpretation

WB JECA MCA Exam Negative Marking

  • One Fourth ( 1/4 th ) of the full mark will be deducted for incorrect response.
  • Multiple responses will be considered as incorrect response and One fourth ( 1/4 th ) of the full mark wil be deducted.


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