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B.Sc Degree in Medical Technology

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Medical Technology

A Substantial part of both diagnosis and treatment for varied ailments is one at the medical laboratory. With a medical lab technician lies the responsibility of conducting a variety of tests and analysis of the collected samples of blood, tissues, body fluids etc. Since the job requires the handling of expensive technologically advanced equipment, a technician must be meticulous and responsible. Technical precision, an eye for detail and the ability to maintain the records are essential pre-requisites. Medical laboratory technologists are demand in hospitals, clinics and research institutions.


A three year degree (B.Sc) course in Medical Technology is offered to students of science (at the +2 level).

  • B.Sc. Medical Ophthalmic Technology
  • B.Sc. Medical Nutrition
  • B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology
  • B.Sc Biology
Ophthalmic Technology

Ophthalmic technologists or optometrists are in common name referred to as opticians. They conduct eye power tests and are trained in fitting power glasses in frames and prescribing contact lenses.

Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses in optometry are open to science students (10 + 2 level).

  • B.Sc - Optometry - Four Years .
  • B.Sc - Ophthalmic Technology - Three Years
  • Diploma in Optometry / Ophthalmic Assistant / Orthopedist - Two Years
  • Certificate in Ophthalmic Assistant / Optician and Refractionsist. - Two Years.
Radiology , Radiography and Radiotherapy.

Radiologists diagnosis various aspects of a disease using X-rays, Scans. Radiographers specialize in X-ray technology and aid radiologists by carrying out routine tasks such as taking X-rays and scans, radiotherapy is the application of radiation medicine in the treatment of cancer, radiotherapy technicians work in cancer hospitals and aid in chemotherapy treatment.

Courses :

A three-year degree in Radiography is available at the undergraduate level. It is open to the students of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Radiography is also an integral part of the B.Sc Medical Technology course taken by medical technologists. At the P.G level , one-year diploma in radiography is offered.

The following Institutions offering Training in Medical Technology, Ophthalmic Technology and Radiography.

  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.
  2. Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences , Chandigarh.
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Post Graduation Medical Education Research, JIPMER, Pondicherry.
  4. Birla Institute of Technological Sciences, Pilani (Rajasthan)
  5. G.B.Pant Institute of Technology , Utter Pradesh.
  6. Sankar Netralaya, Medical Research Foundation, Chennai.
  7. Gandhi Eye Hospital, Aligarh , Utter Pradesh
  8. Kasturba Medical College , Manipal
  9. Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad
  10. Minto Regional Institue of Ophthalmology, Bangalore
  11. Medical College, Trivandrum
  12. Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai.

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