AFMC MBBS Entrance Exam

AFMC Entrance Exam 2019

AFMC Pune 2019 Admission to MBBS Course for the session 2019 will be based on NEET UG 2019.

AFMC MBBS Entrance Exam 2019

College is a Centre of Excellence for medical education and research. It was initially established in 1948 for postgraduate courses. The graduate wing for the MBBS course was started on 4th August, 1962 with the aim of inducting medical graduates to the Armed Forces Medical Services ( AFMS ). Presently the college provides training to under-graduate and postgraduate medical and nursing students with assured career prospects in the defence services.

AFMC, Pune is affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik and is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

AFMC Prospectus Availability 2019

Armed Forces Medical College Pune 2019 Prospectus and Application Forms for entrance will be available online.

AFMC MBBS Course Duration 2019

The duration of the MBBS course is 4 ½ years followed by compulsory rotating internship training of one year. All medical cadets commissioned into the AFMS will undergo internship training in selected service hospitals recognized by the Medical Council of India. The course commences on August, 2019.

AFMC Removal from Service Liability

Medical cadets may be removed from service liability any time during the training period on account of becoming medically unfit for grant of commission or on poor academic record / disciplinary grounds. They may, however, be permitted, at the sole discretion of the DGAFMS on a case to case basis, to complete MBBS Course on payment of Bond money & cost of training and undergo internship training in civil hospitals recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Medical cadets removed from service liability may be allowed to continue the course, at the sole discretion of the DGAFMS after the Bond Money is paid in full. In case of medical cadets removed / opted out from service liability after passing final MBBS examination, the NOC for joining internship training in civil hospital will only be issued after the Bond Money is paid in full. Such candidates will not be permitted to undergo internship training in service institutions under any circumstances.

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AFMC MBBS Eligibility 2019

Candidates must have passed one of the qualifying examinations listed below in the first attempt with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken simultaneously and securing not less than 60% of the aggregate marks in these three science subjects taken together and not less than 50% marks in English and 50% marks in each of the science subjects. They must have also passed an examination in Mathematics of the tenth standard.

The Higher Secondary ( 10+2 ) or equivalent examination in Science of a statutory Indian University / board or other recognized examination body with English, Physics, Chemistry & Biology which shall include practical test in all of these science subjects.

The Pre-professional / Pre-Medical examination with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology ( after passing either Higher Secondary School examination or pre-University or equivalent examination ) which shall include practical test in these science subjects.

1st year of three years Degree course of a recognised University with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology including practical test in Science subjects provided the examination is a University Examination.

Senior Secondary of a statutory Examination Board of Indian School Certificate examination of 12 years of study, last two years of study comprising of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics or any other elective subject with English at higher level.

Higher Secondary School Certificate examination of Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education with English at Higher level, any one of the Modern Indian or Modern Foreign or Classical Languages, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics or any other elective subject.

Any other examination which in scope and standard is found to be equivalent to the Higher Secondary Science / Pre-Professional / Pre-medical Examination of Indian University / Board with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology including practical test in each of these Science subjects.

B.Sc. Examination of a recognized Indian University provided that he / she has passed the B.Sc. Examination in not less than two of the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and further that he / she has passed the qualifying examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.

Note : The criteria for marks in Qualifying Examination ( i.e. 10 + 2 or equivalent exam ) will remain the same for the B.Sc. candidates also.

Candidates who have appeared or will be appearing in qualifying examination up to April, 2019 may also apply. Admission, if selected, however, will be subject to passing and meeting the eligibility criteria as per Para above.

Regarding the requirement of Mathematics, candidate who have passed Higher Secondary, Senior Cambridge or Indian School Certificate examination and had not offered Mathematics in the final year will be deemed eligible if he / she had studied Mathematics up to the pre-final year stage ( X Class ) and had passed an examination in the subject provided it was at least of Tenth standard. A certificate signed by the Head Master or Principal of the school in which candidate has studied should be produced at the time of interview in such cases. A candidate who had not taken Mathematics at the Tenth or an equivalent examination but had subsequently passed in Mathematics as an additional subject in I. Sc. / B.Sc. examination is also eligible.

The following categories of candidates are not eligible to apply

Candidates who have passed in Domestic Science, Domestic Arithmetic, and Lower Maths separately or in combination with other subjects like General Science / Social studies in High School / Higher Secondary ( Multipurpose ) or equivalent examination.

Candidates who have passed only Pre-University / Pre-Degree ( one-year course ) or Pre-Professional in Agriculture / Veterinary / Dental Examination.

Candidates who have passed the Pre-professional or equivalent qualifying examination as a Private candidate or from Open schools.

Candidates who have secured the requisite percentage but in subsequent attempts or compartment examination.

Note : It is the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain whether they possess the requisite qualifications for admission. Having filled up the online application form or being called for the interview does not necessarily mean acceptance of eligibility. Final eligibility for admission will be decided by Maharashtra university of health sciences, Nashik.

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AFMC MBBS Online Application Form 2019

Eligible candidates desirous of pursuing MBBS course at AFMC, Pune have to register for AFMC, Pune on DGHS counselling website

It is the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain whether they meet the requisite eligibility criteria. Final eligibility will be ascertained at the time of admission.

Cancellation of Admission

Any candidate, during the whole process of admission or subsequently after admission, if found to be having less marks in the qualifying examination or produces false certificates or suppresses any disease to get admission, his / her admission will be treated as cancelled and fees / deposit will be forfeited.

Sending of Documents

Please do not send any testimonials or copies of mark sheet or result to AFMC Pune. The original certificates and documents would be required and checked at the time of screening and admission only.

All the medical cadets admitted to AFMC for MBBS Course have service liability to serve in the Armed Forces Medical Services after completing the course. The Armed Forces have prescribed medical standards and fitness criteria for deciding medical fitness of candidate for grant of commission. All candidates will be examined as per standards applicable for commission in the Armed Forces.

The Medical Boards will be held as per the instructions of the Office of DGAFMS.

The candidates called for the screening will be subjected to a Medical Board constituted by the Commandant AFMC. Any candidate found unfit by this Medical Board will have the option for an Appeal Medical Board constituted by the Commandant AFMC. If he / she wishes to appeal, he / she should apply to the Commandant, AFMC, Pune within 24 hours of the Initial Medical Board ( excluding holidays / Sundays ). The decision of the Appeal Medical Board will be final. There is no provision for medical examination/board of any other nature after a candidate has been declared unfit by the Appeal Medical Board.

There is no provision for declaring a candidate temporary unfit. Candidates finally declared unfit, will not be considered for admission. No seat will be kept pending on account of the candidate wishing to undergo treatment ( Medical / Surgical ) for a disease / disability for which he / she is made unfit.

There is no provision of any medical board being held in civil / private hospital. Fitness of the candidates is decided as per the medical fitness standards and criteria prescribed for grant of Commission in the Army Medical Corps and decision of Commandant AFMC will be final in this regard.

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AFMC Medical Standards 2019

To be declared fit for admission, the candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disability likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duty in the Armed Forces.

Medical Examination will be carried out by a Board of Officers at AFMC Pune, prior to admission to the College. Medical Board will categorize the candidates as Fit and Unfit, in accordance with the prescribed standards. Candidates declared Unfit are entitled to appeal on payment of a fee of Rupee 40/-. The president of the Medical Board / OIC Admission Cell will intimate the procedure to the concerned candidates.

Medical fitness for admission to MBBS Course at AFMC will be decided by the Medical Board as per above. However, the following few important physical requirements are being indicated for guidance of the candidates. The candidates in their own interest may get themselves medically examined to avoid any disappointment later on :

  • They should be free from serious deformity and mal – developments. There should be no scoliosis, spina bifida and other skeletal deformities apparent or on clinical examination.
  • There should be no impediment of speech.
  • There should be no sign of functional / organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
  • There should be no evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis or previous history of this disease or any other chronic disease of the lungs.
  • There should be no evidence of any disease of the digestive system, including any abnormality of the liver and spleen. Ultra – sound exam of the abdomen will be done.
  • There should be no inguinal hernia or tendency thereto, hydrocoele or definite varicocoele or any other disease or defect of the genital organs. Candidates who have been operated for hernia may be declared medically fit provided :
    • One year has elapsed since operation. Documentary proof to this effect is to be provided by the candidates.
    • General tone of the abdominal musculature is good.
    • There has been no recurrence of the hernia or any complication concerned with the operation.
  • There is no fistula or evidence of piles.
  • There is no disease of the kidneys, including glycosuria or albuminuria.
  • There is no disease of the skin.
  • There is no active, latent or congenital STD or HIV.
  • There is no history of epilepsy and any mental and psychiatric disorder.
  • There is no squint or any other morbid condition of the eye and eyelids.
  • There is no active trachoma or its complications.
  • There are no enlarged glands ( Lymph nodes ) in the neck and other parts of the body.
  • The height and weight requirements will depends upon the age, body build and racial characteristics as per standards laid down for Armed Forces. The minimum requirements is as follows :
    • Girls Standards : In case of female candidates, minimum height of 144 cms and minimum weight of 36 Kgs is essential.
    • Boys Standards : The male candidates with height below 157.5 cms ( 152.5 cms for Gorkhas, Nepalese, Assamese and Garhwali ) and weight below 47 kgs will not be accepted irrespective of age and other factors.
    • Overweight and obese candidates as per Height / Age Weight standards for the Armed Forces will be declared unfit.
  • There should be a minimum 5 cms range of chest expansion.
  • Minimum of 14 dental points are essential and candidates should be free from severe pyorrhea and advanced caries.
  • There should be no ear discharge and no perforation of the eardrum / nasal septum. There should also be no hard wax in the ear canal, obstructing the view of the eardrum.

Visual Standards

Sr.No Better eyeWorse Eye
(i)Distant Vision / ( Corrected )6/66/18
(ii)Near Vision ( Corrected )N5N8
(iii)Myopia of not more than– 3.5 D in any one meridian
(iv)Hypermetropia of not more than+ 3.5 D in any one meridian. Including astigmatism

Note :

  • Fundus and Media to be healthy and within normal limits.
  • No undue degenerative signs of vitreous or chorio – retinitis to be present, suggesting progressive myopia.
  • Minimum colour vision standard should be CP – 3 ( Defective Safe ).
  • Should have good binocular vision, fusion faculty and full field of vision in both eyes.
  • There should be no organic disease likely to exacerbations or deterioration.
  • Candidates who have undergone lasik surgery will be governed as per provisions of DGAFMS / departmental instructions from time to time. Lasik / PRK for correction of vision is permitted only for candidates of age 20 years and above and even among them a period of 06 months should have elapsed after the procedure.

Hearing Standard : Hearing will be tested by speech test, if required audiometric records will also be taken.

  • Speech Test : The candidate should be able to hear a forced whisper with each ear separately, standing with his / her back to the examiner at a distance of 20 feet in a reasonably quiet room. The examiner should whisper with the residual air, that is to say, at the end of an ordinary expiration.
  • Audiometric record : The candidates should have no loss of hearing in either ear at frequencies of 128 to 4.096 cycles per second ( Audiometry reading between plus 10 and minus 10 ).

The Medical Board will be guided by departmental instructions issued from time to time. The above guidelines are for the information of candidates only.

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AFMC Selection Method 2019

Eligible candidates who are interested to join AFMC Pune, to pursue the MBBS course will have to mandatorily register and apply for AFMC, Pune on DGHS website during the registration window provided by the DGHS. Candidates are advised to visit the above website for details.

After the last date of registration, list of candidates who have applied for AFMC, Pune will be provided by DGHS. The NEET Roll No. of the candidates who are shortlisted for the screening at AFMC, Pune based on merit will be displayed on the website. Approximately 1500 candidates ( 1200 boys and 300 girls ) will be called for the screening to be held in the third and fourth week of July 2018 at AFMC, Pune.

The exact schedule of the screening at AFMC, Pune along with the details of the shortlisted candidates will be available on the website / tentatively by July, 2019. Request for change of date of interview will NOT be entertained except under extreme circumstances.

The candidates will be required to produce originals of all certificates / marks sheets, NEET UG – 2019 admit card ( hall ticket ), NEET UG score card and original certificate of NCC, Sports certificate at school, District, State & National /International level if any at the time of the screening at AFMC Pune. All candidates will produce result or proof of having appeared in the qualifying examination held on or before April, 2019 at the time of the screening ( if the result of such examination has not been declared ). Original mark sheet & pass certificate of qualifying examination, however will have to be produced prior to admission.

On the basis of the NEET UG – 2019 score and screening at AFMC, two merit lists, one for boys and one for girls, will be drawn up and admissions will be offered only to these shortlisted candidates in accordance with their final merit position. The remaining candidates will be on the waiting list. The result will be displayed on the website stated above and at the O/o DGAFMS and Admission cell AFMC Pune.

Candidates admitted to AFMC for MBBS course have a compulsory liability to serve as Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces Medical Services. The offer of the type of commission will depend upon the vacancies available and shall be determined on merit-cumoption at the final MBBS examination. The liability of the SSC officers passing out of AFMC to serve in the Armed Forces Medical Services would be 7 ( seven ) years. Complete details of Service Liability & Bond Agreement will be given to the candidates shortlisted for the screening.

At the time of admission parents / guardians of the candidates are required to sign a bond agreement for 28,00,000/- . Any candidate withdrawing from the college after 7 days of admission [ after 1600 hrs ( 4:00 PM ) ] will have to pay Bond Money as per existing rules.

SC / ST Candidates

Reservation is only for SC / ST category candidates. Ten seats out of 130 are reserved for SC / ST candidates.

The following procedure will be followed for admission of SC / ST candidates against the reserved seats subject to fulfilling the following criteria

  • The SC / ST candidates must have applied to AFMC Pune and also qualified in the NEET – 2019 written examination and should have come within the zone to be called up for interview.
  • If shortlisted and called for the screening at AFMC, they must come within the first 500 in the final combined merit list of boys and girls.
  • They must fulfill all other conditions / standards, as applicable to non-SC / ST candidates, like age eligibility, academic qualification, medical fitness, etc.
  • These reserved seats will be in addition to any vacancies secured by SC / ST candidates on the basis of their position in the merit lists.
  • In case of any SC / ST girl / boy, admitted against reserved vacancies the number of girls / boys to be admitted against the general seats will be reduced correspondingly.
  • All such candidates will have to sign a surety bond on the same lines and on the same conditions as non-SC / ST candidates.

AFMC Admission Process 2019

Document Scrutiny 

The candidates called for admission will have to produce the original Admit card for NEET – 2019 containing the NEET Roll number, original mark sheets of their qualifying examination and other documents, details of which will be given in the joining instructions handed over to the candidates at the time of the screening. If their results and mark sheets are not received by the date of reporting for admission to AFMC, their candidature will be cancelled and no representation in this respect will be entertained.

No candidate will be admitted provisionally awaiting result of the qualifying examination. If at any point of time in the process of interview, admission, or MBBS course the documents of the candidate are found to be false / not authentic or any other discrepancy is observed, the candidature / selection / admission of the candidate will be cancelled forthwith.

Vacancies remaining, due to failure of selected candidates on merit list to report for admission by the due date will be filled by candidates from the waiting list in order of merit. The waitlisted candidates will be called in blocks and offered seats in order of merit from amongst the candidates called for admission.

Candidates reporting in excess to the number of available vacancies, on the date of reporting, will be advised to report every day, thereafter, at 0900 hrs for any vacancy arising till the completion of admission process. Any vacancy arising, till the closure of admission process, will be filled up the next day. Hence, candidates are advised to stay at Pune till the completion of admission process i.e. till all 105 boys and 25 girls vacancies are filled up. Those in the waiting list should keep certificates, Bond and fees ready with themselves to move at short notice on receipt of telephonic intimation, letter or mail.

No intimation about non-selection or correspondence in this regard will be entertained. No seats will be kept vacant for candidates higher in merit in waiting list if they fail to report on the date on which they have been called for reporting.

Candidates MUST preserve the NEET UG – 2019 admit card till the admission to AFMC is over. Admit card along with NEET UG – 2019 Roll number, will be required during the interview and final admission to college.

Medical Examination: All candidates will be subjected to medical examination as per the requirement of the Armed Forces and as per the laid down standards. The candidates who have been declared medically unfit by the Medical Board of AFMC will not figure in the final merit list for admission.

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AFMC Exam Centres


AFMC MBBS Exam Centres To know more about AFMC MBBS Exam Centres Click Here

AFMC MBBS Results 2019

AFMC Exam Date

Admission to MBBS Course in Armed Forces Medical College will be based on NEET UG 2019.

AFMC Result Date

Armed Forces Medical College MBBS Selection List is likely to be declared in the month of August, 2019.

Email Registration for AFMC MBBS Entrance Exam Results 2019

Please keep watching this page, to check your AFMC MBBS Entrance Results 2019…

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AFMC PG Entrance Exam

AFMC PG Entrance Exam

Admission to Post Graduate seats of Armed Forces Medical Services will be based on All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination. Candidates appearing for the AIPGMEE and wishing to join the Armed Forces Medical Services Institutions will also have to mandatory apply online to the AFMS on the website

AFMC PG Eligibility

The following eligibility criteria shall be applicable

  • Admission to the postgraduate medical courses at AFMS institutions, subject to the priorities laid down in the prospectus is open to graduates of medical colleges recognized by Medical Council of India and who have registered themselves as Registered Medical Practitioners with any State Medical Council recognized by MCI. Students who have completed / are completing internship by 31st March of the academic year are eligible to apply however the Provisional registration certificate / Permanent Registration certificate should be available at the time of admission.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.

  • Foreign students sponsored by the Government and approved by the DGAFMS should have passed their MBBS / equivalent examination.
  • Maximum permissible age for Priority – V ( civilian candidates ) will be 35 years as on April.
  • A candidate shall not be eligible if he / she has cancelled or failed to report for admission in the past which has resulted in lapse of a seat.
  • A candidate who is already pursuing any PG course shall not be eligible for admission to PG course.
  • The number of candidates to be admitted in any discipline during the academic session will be determined by the number of post graduate teachers available, the student – teacher ratio and any other criteria laid down by the Medical Council of India and affiliated University from time to time. However, the exact number of available seats in each priority will be displayed on the website before the start of counseling for that particular Priority.
  • All candidates, irrespective of Priority, once admitted to a particular degree course on conclusion of counseling process of that priority will not be permitted to change over to another subject.

AFMC Age Criteria : Maximum permissible age for civilian candidates ( Priority V Candidates ) shall be 35 years as on April.


Available Subjects for PG Seats in AFMS Institutions

Recognised / Permitted Subjects for MD / MS / Diploma
1 Anaesthesia MD MD MD MD MD MD MD
Aerospace Medicine MD
4 Biochemistry MD
5 Dermatology MD MDMD
7 General Surgery MS MS MS MS MS MS MS
Hosp Administration MD
9 Marine Medicine DMM
10 General Medicine MD
11 Microbiology MD MD
Obs & Gynae MS MS MS MS MS MS
13 Ophthalmology MS MS MS MS MS MS
14 Orthopaedics MS MS
15 Paediatrics MD MD MD MD MD MD
16 Pathology MD MD MD MD MD MD
17 Pharmacology MD
18 Physiology MD
20 Psychiatry MD MD MD
21 Radiodiagnosis MD MD MD MD MD MD
22 Respiratory Medicine MD
Blood transfusion and Immunology MD
24 Sports Medicine MD

AFMC PG Method of Selection

The following method shall be adopted

AFMC PG Entrance Examination : All candidates desirous of joining the AFMS institute will have to mandatorily appear in the AIPGMEE entrance examination prior to filling up of the online form of the AFMS institutions. The roll number / Testing id ( CD followed by 07 digits ) of the AIPGMEE is an essential and mandatory requirement for further filling up of the online form.

Merit List : A Merit list will be prepared as per the result / rank received from NBE as per the roll number provided by the candidate, priority wise. Names of candidates who have qualified in and their order of merit for the AIPGMEE examination will be displayed on the website of the DGAFMS and also will be intimated in their login id. Candidates are advised to follow the notice board on the website regularly for updates.

Note : Merit of candidates who have NOT provided correct Testing ID / Roll numbers will NOT be declared and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained from any candidate at any point of time. There is NO provision of correction of the roll numbers once it is entered into the application form and the application is submitted.

AFMC PG Application Form

Methodology for Applying :

The following methodology will be adopted by candidates :

All candidates seeking admission to any of the institutions of the AFMS will have to mandatorily appear in the AIPGMEE. They will have to register and apply online on the website and also submit the completed application to be considered for admission to any of the AFMS teaching institutions.

The candidates will have to mandatorily fill the AIPGMEE Roll no / Testing ID already available with him / her without which the application form will be deemed as incomplete. In case of AIPGMEE the Roll no / Testing ID starts with alphabet ‘CD’ followed by 07 digits. e.g. CD1234567. For the convenience of the candidates, ‘CD’ is encrypted in online application form; they just need to fill up the seven digits of the Roll no/Testing ID in the provided space.

All fields marked* are mandatory without which the application form will not be saved and submitted. Discrepancies found at a later stage may lead to disqualification. It is advised that the candidates should fill in their details as has been filled up for the AIPGMEE since the merit shall be obtained from NBE the examination conducting authority.

Candidates in Priority III, IV, and V will have to make a payment of Rupee 500/- ( including bank charges ) only, by a challan. This challan can be downloaded from your registered login id after filling, previewing and submitting your application form.

This challan will have to be submitted to any SBI Branch nearest to your location after 24 hours of generation of challan till the last date of payment. Once the bank confirms your payment within 24 – 48 hours, the status shall be reflected in your login id. Application will be considered invalid without the payment of the registration fee.

A copy of the printed application form should be kept safely with the candidate. There is no provision for applications to be forwarded by post or any other form and such application if any shall NOT be considered at all.

Merit list of the candidates ( Priority wise ) who have successfully registered to the AFMS website and have secured minimum of 50% marks in AIPGMEE will be displayed on the website approx 30 days after declaration of the results by NBE. Only these candidates will be eligible for online counseling, the schedule of which shall be available on the website in due course of time.

Online counseling of the candidates belonging to Priority III, IV & V shall be done only after the completion of counseling / allotment for Priority I and Priority II candidates.

List of certificates to be submitted in original by selected candidate at the college on the day of admissions :

  • 06 ( Six ) Passport size photographs.
  • Copy of the AIPGMEE Admit card along with roll number and a downloaded and printed copy of the AFMS application form.
  • AIPGMEE rank letter / merit list as published by NBE.
  • Admission letter received by the candidate by mail on acceptance of a seat during online counseling.
  • Class X / SSLC / ICSE certificate as valid certificate of proof of age.
  • Nationality Certificate / Xerox copy of valid passport / Domicile Certificate ( where applicable ) / Birth Certificate.
  • First to Final year MBBS Mark Sheets of respective University.
  • MBBS Pass Certificate / Degree Certificate.
  • Internship completion certificate.
  • Permanent / Provisional State Medical Council registration certificate.
  • Attempt Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate / Migration certificate.
  • Declaration by the candidate as per format placed at Appx ‘B’.
  • Priority III candidates – Para Military Officers ( CRPF / BSF / ITBP ) / Government of India Org : Subject specific Sponsorship certificate issued by the respective para mil / Govt organization is mandatory. This has to be uploaded on the website prior to the counseling without which candidate shall not be allowed for online counseling. Original copy will be required to be deposited at the time of admission.
  • Priority IV candidates – In case of Ex-AMC / SSC Officers, release order from Armed Forces Medical Services by DGAFMS / Medical Directorate concerned. The release order and movement order from last unit for proceeding on release will be required to be shown in original at the time of admission. SSC offrs in their last year of contractual service will have to upload their original release order from the Armed Forces Medical Services on the website prior to the counseling without which candidate will not be allowed for online counseling. SSC offrs still in service while appearing for the AIPGMEE, must in addition have a copy of the permission letter from the O/o DGAFMS.

Applicants without the above documents will be summarily rejected.

Candidature of any candidate who is found to be willfully giving wrong information will be summarily rejected during any stage of the admission process by the Commandant of the Institution where a seat has been allotted finally. The decision of Commandant will be final.

AFMC PG Admission Procedure

AFMC PG Admission Procedure shall be as follows :

Admission to PG courses AFMS institution is provisional subject to confirmation / ratification by the Office of DGAFMS & University concerned. The selected candidates are required to submit additional documents / certificates as per specific requirement of the institute / university. Candidates should ascertain these details from the Dean Academics of the Institute.

Decision of Commandant of the college regarding admission of candidates shall be final and binding.

All candidates are advised to preserve their Admit Cards of the AIPGMEE examination and the AFMS Candidate ID issued till allotment of the seats and admission to the institution.

Medical examination of civilian ( Priority V ) candidates – This is a mandatory requirement for all civilian ( Priority V ) candidates. The medical standards required for civilian candidates are those applicable for selection as commissioned officers in Armed Forces Medical Services. Admission to PG courses shall only be given to those civilian doctors who are found medically fit for commission by a designated Medical Board. The candidates who are found medically unfit by the Medical Board will not be admitted into the college even if he may have been allotted a subject during the online counseling and called to the AFMS institution for admission procedures. There is no provision of appeal/ review for any candidate who has been found to be medically unfit.

Admission of all candidates will be in accordance with Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. PC.III/17436/DGAFMS/DG-1D/1819/13/(a)( Medical ) dated January. The above mentioned letter can be downloaded from the AFMS website.

AFMC PG Counselling

AFMC PG Counseling for allocation of subjects will be held online :

Counseling will be held online, Priority wise as per merit cum choice.

Candidates will log in to their registered ID’s and make their choice.

Online counseling for Priority I will be followed by all other priorities in same order. All priorities will have three rounds of counseling. Final admission to the colleges shall be made on the basis of the acceptance of the subjects by the candidates. Vacancies remaining after filling of the seats by the service officers, foreign and sponsored candidates will ONLY be available for allotment to other categories. These seats will be filled in order of Priority and merit secured by the candidates.

Detailed counseling procedure will be made available after the declaration of the results by NBE. All candidates are requested to watch the website for updates regularly.

Eligibility of candidates will be the responsibility of the candidate themselves as per the criteria mentioned in the Information Bulletin. He / She should check his / her eligibility for Priority / Institution / Subject before participating in the counseling process.

The candidates who have been issued the admission letter shall produce all the originals of certificates for verification as applicable. Candidates without documents in original at the time of admission will not be eligible for admission to the college even if he / she has got the necessary merit. However in case any candidate has deposited the original with any other institution, it is mandatory to produce a certificate from the Dean / Head of the institution where he is presently admitted certifying the same, and the candidate may be permitted to attend the admission process with attested photocopies of the certificates along with the deposit certificate as mentioned above. If the candidate has accepted a seat, then it will be mandatory for the candidate to submit all original documents within three (3) working days of the date of admission failing which allotment of seat shall stand cancelled.

Contact Details

Armed Forces Medical College,
Pune – 411 040.
Website :,

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